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Zosia Mamet
Full name: Zosia Russell Mamet
Birth date: February 2, 1988
Birth place: Randolph, Vermont
Occupation: Actress
Voice actress
Religion: Jewish
Parents: David Mamet
Lindsay Crouse (biological parents)
Rick Blue
Rebecca Pidgeon (step-parents)
Website: Website

Zosia Russell Mamet[1] (pronounced Zaw-shuh Mam-it)[1] (born February 2, 1988)[2] is an actress, columnist, model and a voice actress for Regular Show.[2][3]

Early life

Zosia Russell Mamet was born on February 2, 1988 in Randolph, Vermont to her parents, David Mamet, a screenwriter, and Lindsay Crouse, an actress.[2] Her parents divorced when she was a young child.[4] She attended an Episcopal school as a child, despite that not being her and her mother's religions.[4] Mamet was not allowed to watch television as a child.[5] She began acting at 14 years old.[4] Her math tutor in high school was Nicole Steinwedell, who would later star in the CBS series The Unit, a series which Zosia's father created.[5] Following high school, Mamet decided to pursue an acting career rather than going to college. She explained her reasoning with: "I was horrifically unhappy. I love learning and I was always a very good student because I hated not doing well. But I had some extreme social anxieties. I never really got along with kids my age. I was a bit of a precocious child. I could go with my dad to a party full of famous Hollywood individuals and be fine. But put me in a room with a bunch of other 17-year-olds and I would stand in the corner, terrified."[2]



Mamet currently portrays Shoshanna in the HBO series Girls.[2] She auditioned for the role while she was suffering from pnuemonia-esque symptoms, but nonetheless still won the role.[5] She has acted in a wide variety of media, being television, film, theater and online works. Her television work includes Mad Men, Parenthood, United States of Tara and The Unit.[2] Her film work includes The Kids Are All Right, Cherry, Sunset Stories, The Last Keepers and Rhymes with Banana.[2] Her theater work includes Really Really and Uncle Vanya, the latter of which her father adapted from Anton Chekhov.[2] Her online work includes Snuggle Bunny: Man's Most Lovable Predator and Miss USA's Sexy Halloween.[2] She has also done voiceover work, providing the voices of Amber Lamber in High School USA! and Celia on Regular Show.[3]

Music and columnist

Outside of acting she also starred in the music video "Unconsolable", performed by Ambassadors and also formed the band Cabin with her half-sister Clara.[2] She also writes a bimonthly column called My Zo-Called Life for Glamour and has also served as model for Stone Fox Bride, Talon and Honor.[2]

Voice credits

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Season 5

Season 7

Personal life

In addition to her biological parents, David Mamet and Lindsay Crouse, she also has step-parents, her step-mother being Rebecca Pidgeon and her step-father being Rick Blue.[5] She also has two half-siblings, a half-sister named Clara and a half-brother named Noah.[5] She also has one full-sibling, her sister Willa.[5] Her maternal grandfather was Russell Crouse, who was a playwright.[2] Like her biological father, she identifies herself as Jewish.[4] She resides in an undisclosed location.

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