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Zombocalypse (3D)
Zombocalypse 3D cover art
Box for Zombocalypse (3D).

Episode featured in

"Grave Sights"

Running time

3 hours, 28 minutes

Video format

Zetamax 3D

Zombocalypse (3D) is the name of the movie that Mordecai and Rigby rented from the Movie Shack Hut for the park's scary movie night. As noted by the title, it is a 3D action horror film featuring undead zombies. Mordecai and Rigby get the extended version that runs for three hours and twenty-eight minutes.


The movie focuses on a man who lives through a zombie apocalypse whose wife/girlfriend gets turned into a zombie and has to be put down afterwards. He goes on a mission through the city to stop the undead invasion. After killing a majority of his undead foes, he confronts the ultimate zombie boss, the Zombie Master, and defeats him by ramming him with a sedan. The film ends shortly afterwards.


  • The double-barrel shotgun on the survivor's back was never seen being used in the movie.
  • Zombocalypse is an homage/parody of the Bruce Campbell starring movie, Army of Darkness, as the main character is very similar-looking and uses large amounts of insults and one-liners to zombies, and the two movies' target age is at 17+.
  • The main character's fate is unknown.
  • "Zombocalypse" is a portmanteau between "zombie" and "apocalypse".
  • The tape can only be played by the Zetamax Projectron LLX player, due to it being in Zetamax 3D.
  • The movie bears a resemblance to the Left 4 Dead video game series. For example, the Man's wife resembles a witch and the boss zombie looks like a cross between a charger and a tank.
  • Unlike Mordecai and Rigby's situation, the main character of Zombocalypse 3D may not have jumped out of the car and survived, but rather drove the car until it exploded.
  • The man on the cover seems to be slightly different then the actual zombie slayer.
  • J.G. Quintel said at WonderCon that there might be a full-length film of this in the future!
  • The box art looks like the one of a popular, first person shooter game, Doom.
  • It is also likely to be a spoof of Evil Dead 2, because of the great resemblance with the main character and the movie plot.
  • The movie's true format, Zetamax 3D, is a parody of Betamax.
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