The zombie slayer is a fictional hero who appears in the iconic zombie horror flick Zombocalypse (3D), in the Season 2 episode Grave Sights.


The movie focuses on a man who lives through a zombie apocalypse whose wife/girlfriend gets turned into a zombie and has to be put down afterwards. He goes on a mission through the city to stop the undead invasion.

After killing a majority of his undead foes, he confronts the ultimate zombie boss, the Zombie Master, and defeats him by ramming him with a sedan. The film ends shortly afterwards.


He is a muscular, heroic figure who has balck hair. He wears a ripped beige t-shirt and a red tie. In addition he has dark green tousers and bandages wrapped around his wrists. He also has a shotgun on his back.


  • The double-barrel shotgun on his back was never seen being used in the movie.
  • Zombocalypse is an homage/parody of the Bruce Campbell starring movie, Army of Darkness, as the zombie slayer character is very similar-looking and uses large amounts of insults and one-liners to zombies, and the two movies' target age is at 17+.
  • His fate is unknown.
  • The movie bears a resemblance to the Left 4 Dead video game series. For example, the Man's wife resembles a witch and the boss zombie looks like a cross between a charger and a tank.
  • The man on the cover seems to be slightly different then the actual zombie slayer.
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