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Zaxon is a minor character who appeared in "Birthday Gift".


Zaxon appears as a middle-aged man with grayish-brown hair and tan skin. He wears safety goggles, a white collared shirt under an olive green vest underneath a white lab coat. He wears grey sweatpants, and white socks with black sandals.

Back while he was an employee in Tendindo, he was much younger with brown hair, full brown beard and hair on his arm. He worn grayish-blue folded sleeve shirt with grayish-ivory pants


When Zaxon was young, he once worked on Tendindo as a Janitor; while working there, Zaxon a man with ideas in his mind he even talked the executives about an idea a program that everyone can make a game much to executive's scorn his beliefs causing him to determined to create his dream.

He left Tendindo, and whoa'd up creating his game program "ZIPGIDZ" (Zaxon's-Intelligent-Player-to-Game-Interface-Design-by-Zaxon)

Many years later, while having brunch at the Coffee Shop he caught a tension of Rigby who was dealing with trying to find the best birthday gift for Mordecai. Zaxon introduces himself to Rigby; with a business card and showing his commercial much to Ellen's criticism, but he was able to get Rigby to his work.

Zaxon trained Rigby performing through several tests, when it all complete Zaxon see the results impressed with Rigby's Physical Test in fact it was off the chart but not impressed with his IQ Test that also off the charts


  • His name is the same as the video game from Namco, Zaxon.