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The Young Gamers are two kids that appeared in the episode "High Score". They seemed to be very experienced at Broken Bonez. They got 700,000 until Mordecai and Rigby (And G.B.F.) beat their high score at it. Also, they appeared not to care about anyone, as they ran into Mordecai and Rigby and "nearly killed them" with their skateboards. After Mordecai and Rigby defeated them in Broken Bonez, they finally seemed to respect Mordecai and Rigby.


The one on the left is wearing a turquoise shirt with a green backpack, a black helmet, and gray jeans. The one on the right is wearing a red shirt with a red helmet and blue jeans. The gamer on the left has a longer chin.


  • Their names could possibly be Simon and Mikey, as listed at the end of the credits.
  • In Terror Tales of the Park III, Simon is the only one that speaks which happens to be the blond boy with the blue shirt. So Mikey must be the brunette with the orange shirt.
  • They appear again in "One Pull Up " as a cameo.
  • They greatly resemble Beavis and Butthead in both appearance and behavior.


"Terror Tales of the Park III"

"Happy Birthday Song Contest"

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