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"World's Best Boss" is the thirty-third episode in Season Four (and one hundred-twelfth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 15, 2013.


The park employees want to give Benson a special mug that says "World's Best Boss".


The episode begins with a montage of Benson hard at work, while everyone else is doing their own jobs. Pops sees how hard Benson is working, and the end of the montage has him apparently coming up with some sort of idea.

After Benson gives out the chores and heads back into the house, Pops stops everyone else and takes them to his secret place, where he reveals that tomorrow is Benson's 10th anniversary of his employment. Pops asks for ideas for a gift for Benson. Everyone fires out some ideas, including Thomas, who gets interrupted multiple times trying to get his idea out. Eventually, Rigby says that they should get him a coffee mug that says World's Best Boss on it, thinking it would be a joke, but everyone thinks it's a great idea, so they head to the mall.

Their search through the mall turns up empty, as everywhere they looked didn't have any in stock. The last store they checked, however, did have one left, but another customer came in wanting one, so him and everyone else hurriedly rushed to the back of the store where it was located, the customer taking out everyone until Mordecai was left. They began fighting over the mug, but they both lose their grip and it smashes against a shelf.

After buying the smashed mug, they attempted to glue it together, hoping it would work. But when Muscle Man pours coffee into the mug and is initially pleased, but the coffee spills from the mug's broken cracks, making it break. This annoys Muscle Man, who throws the coffee pot to the wall and flips the table, proceeding to stomp the mug pieces. Pops and Skips have no idea what else they could do, considering they were planning to give the gift at the morning meeting tomorrow. Rigby comes in and saves the day, though, revealing that he and Mordecai found the cup online.

They order the cup, and it arrives the next morning in a larger than expected box. Pops opens the box, but gets punched in the face, revealing that the box contained Doug MacFarland drinking from the mug they ordered. Doug tells them that they have to prove that Benson's the world's best boss if they want the coffee cup. Mordecai tells Doug to hand the mug over, noting that they outnumber him, but Doug speed-dials a number, bringing in more packages that his employees burst out of.

The park employees and Doug MacFarland's Employees begin to battle, and Doug's employees are winning, until Benson shows up, asking what's going on. The park employees reveal that they were intending to get him the mug. Benson doesn't believe he's the world's best boss, but the other employees convince him otherwise, and he decides to join the fight, saving the park employees and easily handling Doug, whose face lands on the gas pedal of one of the trucks, and it drives off of a hill and into a semi-truck, exploding.

Mordecai dusts off the mug and hands it to Benson, who appreciates the fact that even though he's not the world's best boss, he has a mug that says he is. He then tells the employees to clean up the mess or they'll be fired.






  • Pops reveals that Benson has been working at the park for 10 years.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The title of this episode and the mug “World’s Best Boss” is perhaps an homage to the mug of the same name owned by Scranton branch regional manager Michael Scott from The Office, who runs an office branch for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.
    • Unlike the Park Crew who risked themselves to get Benson the mug, Michael gifted it to himself, alluding the different relationships between both bosses and their employees (seeing as Michael’s co-workers wouldn’t have ever gifted him it).
  • The Mugs’R’Us shop at the Two Peaks Mall where the crew first heads to get the mug is a pun on the American retail toy store Toys’R’Us.
  • Doug MacFarland is a parody of Bill Lumbergh from the 1999 movie Office Space.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode was aired alongside "Blind Trust" as a half-hour special, making it the first Regular Show airing to include two new episodes in one day.


  • During the scene where the park staff were running past various mugs and then running towards a giant "World's Best Boss" mug, Hi-Five Ghost was not included in that scene.
  • During the scene where the park staff were going to fight Doug MacFarland's staff, when they show a scene of Rigby, Pops, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost getting ready to fight, Muscle Man isn't wearing his necktie.
  • When Doug introduces his employees, there were six of them but after the scene after Benson says "What the-" A seventh one is seen struggling with High Five Ghost.
  • In the scene where Benson punches Doug MacFarland, Hi-Five Ghost and Rigby aren't included in that scene.
  • When Benson punches Doug into the truck, his body just removes the handbrake and his head step on the accelerator (making the truck run) even though he should've stepped on the clutch to accelerate first.
  • Even though this episode says that Benson has worked at the Park for 10 years, the episode "Gold Watch" reveals that Benson has been working at the park for two years.

Alternate Versions[]


  • Thomas getting kicked in the stomach was changed to him getting punched.