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This page is the transcript for "Win That Prize".

(Episode begins with a collage of TV shows. It pans to what appears to be a very old Pops watching them.)

Pops:  Bad show.

(He slumps face-first on the desk that has sushi, causing it to fall to the ground. Scene cuts to 'Earlier', where he and the park groundskeepers are standing together wearing shirts that spell out 'Huzzah!' )

Rigby: Alright, Pops. Why are we wearing these goofy shirts?

Pops: Because I got all tickets to go to a live taping of 'Win That Prize'!

Rigby: Wait. Isn't that that game show where a bunch of old people guess the prize for a bunch of worthless junk?

Pops: Yes!

Mordecai:  I don't know, Pops. We've been on a few game shows, and they're not as much fun as you think.

Pops: But you can win wonderful prizes.

Muscle Man: Yeah, prizes that you have to report on your taxes.

(Everyone but Pops mumbles in agreement.)