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"Win That Prize" is the seventeenth episode of Season 7 (and one hundred and ninety eighth overall) of Regular Show.


Pops tries to get in on a game show but ended up as the president of the whole YZB channel.


The episode begins with a elderly miserable Pop as he is in a big office watching alot of tv, with his last words being "Bad Show" and fainted on the desk as we see, in slow motion, a sushi roll hitting the ground and spatter.

We then cut to the park, where we see Pops and the others wearing matching white shirts with different letters on them (With Hi-Five Ghost shirt having '!' on it) as Rigby asked Pops why they are wearing the shirts and Pops revealed that he got tickets to his favorite show; Win That Prize. However Mordecai, Rigby and the others didn't want to go since the show is considered lame as the prize themselves as lamer and Pops decide to go at it alone and head to the studio.

As Pops made it to the YZB studios, he told the security guard that he's here to see 'Win that Prize' but the guard said that it's too early and the show doesn't air until 5:00 but Pops replied with a silly expression, which the guard understand it. The Guard then gave Pops complicated directions to the sound stage of the studio. As Pops made it to the Water Tower he forgot where to go afterward, followed by being frighted by a fake lions head and falling into a clothing rack, where a staff member mistook Pops's for a character on a show and told him he's late for his call time and pushed him to the show, where it is revealed to be a telenovela as Pops enters the set, the leading actor joke about Pops having a big head, causing the audience to laugh and Pops got out of the stage.

With no memory of how to get to the sound stage of 'Win That Prize' Pops decides to check out all the sound stages until he finds that right one. The first was a studio wherein a talk show, a woman had to face her fear of pineapples, Then a live taping of 'That's My Television'. Next a scene from Carter and Briggs as they are interrogating a clown, as Pops is walking through the background. Starting to go hungry, Pops found a delicious scent and followed it. We then cut to a taping of 'Bakin Bacon Jr.' as the host it criticizing the contestants of how that prepared their bacon. As a redhead woman plans to cancel the show, Pops popped out from the table ate the bacon, feeding his hungry and said "Jolly Good Show!"

Mistakenly believed that Pops was saying the show is good (not knowing he said that because he ate the bacon) she asked him what does he like about the show and he said: "The Bacon" which she then decides to have the show focus on the bacon and fired the host and the contestants. Redheaded women revealed herself to be Amy Blitz Powers; Director of Development of the YZB studio. When Pops asked if she could take him to "Win that Prize" she didn't know what he meant and instead took him to her office.

We then cut to Amy's office as she hired Pops on the spot, but as Pops almost decline the offer and said he wants to go on 'Win that Prize' Amy appointments arrive. The First being a man who said that 'Happy Fun Time Pal' toys aren't selling. Pops then revealed that the toys are frowning and since the series has the word "Happy" in it, they should be smiling, which he thought would be a risk and took it. The next one complains that they can't air a show called "Man Puncher" due to foreshadowing of being too imitable for kids. Pops then suggest the new premise should be about hugging but Amy and the guy mistakenly thinks that the new plot should be when crushing people to death with bear hugs and like the idea and decide to call it "ManCrusher", but as Pops tried to explain that not the idea he was going for, one more person appeared, a zombie, however, it turns out the "Zombie' is Scabby Grossman, who is known as a Master Makeup Artist, who also has a limb in his walk. 

As Pops said he had enough of this and want to go to 'Win that Prize' Scabby revealed that he's on that show later today and Pops ask him to the show. Just then the toy man came to the office saying that Pop's idea of making the toys isle are selling and the 'ManCrusher' man that Will and Bill love the idea and want 8 seasons. Happy to hear that Amy told Pops he's her good luck charm and gave him a huge kiss, leaving a red lipstick mark on his face as she said he not going anywhere.

We then cut to a musical montage as Pops is being promoted from approving shows to making shows, in which he started to grow a beard, even numerous attempts to go on "Win that Prize" but no luck. As Pops is now promoted to "Senior, Senior Vice President" he asked Assistant Simon Lamprey if he could now go on "Win that Prize" Simon said his schedule is full, then said he finds an opening but joke about it. Just then a freaked out blonde women busted into Pop's office with a Memo saying the President wants to see Pops in his office, which Pops believes that the president might be the one to take him to "Win That Prize"

As Pops makes it to the office, He sees the President of the YZB, a very elderly man sitting on a desk, with a heart monitor and hundreds of Television sets next to him. When the President asked Pops how long he been with the company, Pops revealed (Despite looking much older) that today is his first day. The President revealed that Yesterday was also his first day, which shocked Pops as The President showed him a picture of his young self as the President said that he was on the studio tour when they offer him a job and he continued to get promoted to president. When Pops asked how did he get so old in just one day The President revealed that working in tv took most of his youth away and admit he's trapped as he must watch all the shows and monitor them. Pops then told him that all he wanted is to be on "Win that Prize" and the President said he found a way out, which he told Pops to come closer and said, "Congrats, you're getting another promotion" and his heartbeat stop, dying on Pops arm, meaning that this was the way out, but Pops cried out that he is now the President of the studio.

We then return back to the beginning where Pop, now more elderly and with a long beard as he continued to watch all the shows he approve, saying "Bad Show" until he saw the promo to "Win that Prize" and said "Good Show" as Pops is still figuring out how to get out of the studio, He came up with an idea and picked up and the phone and said "Help Me!" then fainted on his desk as the Sushi roll falls to the ground and splatter on the floor. Just then the secretory called from the intercom telling that (now promoted) Vice President Lamprey is here to see Pops but as soon as he enter the room, he shocked to see what happen to Pops.

A few moments later as Lamprey and two other executives look concern as a paramedic is trying to revive Pops, the Paramedic discover that this Pops is a fake and Lamprey wondered who could have made this dummy, then on one of the tv screens he see Grossman on "Win That Prize" and realize Grossman was the one who created the fake Pops (that and there was a label behind the fake Pops that said 'If found Return to: Scabby Grossman')

As Scabby walked off the stage, Lamprey, a few Security Guards and a Blonde women arrive at the studio and Lamprey told Grossman about the fake Pops, Which Grossman revealed that Pops asked him to make a dummy of himself for a museum and revealed that he dress like a wombat to get the attention of the host and won a gallon of milk. Lamprey told Grossman that Pops used the dummy to escape and fired Grossman, having the guards escort him out of the studio, with Grossman saying 'So Long'.

Outside the sound stage Lamprey order the remaining guards and blonde women to find Pops as the YZB studio need him. As everybody is looking for Pops, Scabby returns and asked Lamprey who he looking for. Lamprey told Grossman why he's he here as he fired him a few minutes ago. Scabby couldn't believe how his day was, not only with making the dummy for Pops but also making Pops look just like Grossman for a costume party and even said he didn't have time to go on 'Win that Prize' Lamprey then flashback to what the other Grossman said such as the Museum (in which the milk bottle said "Museum Brand Milk",) Dressing up like a Wombat (A Jacket where one of the Sercuity Guard is wearing said "Wombat Sports Wear") and saying 'So Long' as the guards escort Grossman out (with Grossman smiling) and Lamprey realize that Grossman isn't the one who help Pops escape but Lamprey himself.

As we cut to the outside of the studio, the guards pushed Grossman away, not realizing it actually Pops as Pops removed the costume (with a background words heard from the episode) he catch a cab and finally escape from the studio, with Lamprey and the other arriving to late and Lamprey fell on his knee and said "POPS!" as he couldn't believe the president is gone. The episode ends with Pops, while in the cab, drinking the Milk and said "Jolly Good Show, Jolly Good Show Indeed" as he is finally free.


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Pop Culture References

  • The end of the episode where Pops escapes is a parody of the ending of The Usual Suspects.
  • The show "Bakin' Bacon Jr." is likely a nod to the reality cooking show Hell's Kitchen. Likewise, the British host seems to be a reference to English chef and host of Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay, known for his harsh food critiques.


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