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Wes and Westley are two "chop-busting" coworkers of Low-Five Ghost who specialize in forensics. The pair only appeared in The Postcard and helped High-Five Ghost decode a postcard from his romantic interest, Celia.


One has combed brown hair, is overweight, and wears a plain white shirt with suspenders, whilst the other is skinny, has dirty blond hair, and wears a grey business suit and glasses.


Wes and Westley are forensic officers who are known for spewing witty insults (referred to as "busting chops") at whomever they come across.

They have worked at the Police Station presumably before Low Five Ghost did. They help his brother, High Five Ghost, decipher a postcard sent from Celia.


  • They often yell "Just busting your chops!" whenever they insult somebody, just like how Mordecai and Rigby shout "Woah!" occasionally.