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"Welcome to Space" is the third episode in Season Eight (and two hundred and twentieth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on September 27, 2016.


The others are excited of staying in space, but Benson is too reluctant and wants to go to Earth.


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Immediately after their initial escape from the Reaperbots, the three hardened space properly introduce themselves to the park crew. These are: Toothpick Sally, Recap Robot and Chance Sureshot. They arrive to the Space Tree Station a station that holds several park domes.

Later, inside the office room, Chance is insulted by Colonel Rawls for stranding the park crew in space for nearly 2 days and getting them boarded by Reaperbots, The Colonel punished Chance by doing 300 push ups before introducing himself to the Park crew, Benson then asked him what's going on around here. It cuts them watching a short introduction film; explaining about the Spark Initiative and a classified objection which Col. Rawis cuts it. The Park Crew are thrilled to live their new space life except for Benson who didn't like it, believed he was "forced" to be volunteered for this program and ends up leaving.

Moments later, Chance takes the Park Crew to their barracks for them to live. Benson starts to complain how he and others are forced to be stuck in space and far away from their home planet. But the others thought it's something exciting to live and explore the galaxy. This further's Benson's frustrations again leaving his barrack. Which worries the rest of them. A while later, Recap Bot takes the Park Crew for a tour around the station; guiding them to several places: Shooting Range, Simulation Room, Food Court etc. Many were, but Benson still complaining about the whole space thing he must live.

Benson angrily tells Rawls that he can't stay here, in response, Rawls destroys Benson's papers, this leads Benson to get ultimately frustrated and leave the room in anger.

The gang tried to get Benson stay at the station, but Benson still refusing, right before Benson leaves, they give him VCRs video to change his mind. Benson refuses and goes into the pod, where he returns to Earth. After exiting the pod, The paparazzi and reporters arrive and asks Benson multiple questions.

Benson goes back to his apartment, he is about to insert his key to the doorknob, but it's not working. Although irritated, Benson asks why isn't his key working. Suddenly, an old lady arrives with parrot in the cage and tells Benson that this apartment has been vacant for 30 years. Benson becomes shocked and incredulous by this, but the old lady made her mistake and tells him that it's 30 hours. Due to his absence in space for two days, they've assumed that he's in space for good, so there's a new fresh college students living in there. Benson sighs.

Benson tries to find a job but he failed to do so. After that, he was now broke and homeless wandering the streets then he saw newspaper showing news about his friends loving in space.

Many years gone by, Benson is running his life from Alien Invaders. Then he arrives in the TV Store Warehouse where he puts video in TV. There's a park crew and Eileen in the recorder, they say how much they need him in space. Benson cries out in despair over his mistake, then aliens attack Benson as he runs away and when he opens the door...

...the park crew and Eileen are young, so is Benson. They tell him that he was in hologram simulator (and is right to earth pod). Benson, having a change of heart, decides to stay in space with his friends and crew. The episode ends with park crew yelling: OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!


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  • This is the first appearance of Colonel Rawls and the Space Tree.
  • During the introduction video, Lolliland and the battle between Pops and Anti-Pops are mentioned though bleeped out.
  • Gene and his park, East Pines are also one of the many many parks at the Space Tree.
    • This could possibly explain Gene's mysterious activities and connections to the Dome.
  • Benson attempted to dine and dash to prevent himself from starvation.

Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • The piano song that plays during Benson's sad montage appears to be a remixed version of this song - Choices - Leon Rieffijin. Assuming this is accurate, the title is actually relevant to the circumstances of Benson's situation, namely the choice he made in attempting to return to Earth.

Production Notes[]


  • When Rawls leaves his office after telling the park employees to get Benson on board, his head appears to phase through the wall above the door.