The Warden of the Internet is the main antagonist in the episode "Go Viral". She appears as a large computer screen displaying the face of an old lady. She resides in a part of the internet that serves as a sort of prison for people who make viral videos. She imprisons such people here because she believes that the Internet is to be a serious place for writing research papers and communicating with people, and that viral videos are a "disease" that detract from that purpose. She imprisons the makers of viral videos with a ray that transports them into a copy of the location of their viral video, where they are forced to relive their video for eternity.

When Mordecai and Rigby accidentally send Pops to the Warden's domain while trying to make a viral video, they follow after Pops to her domain to find that she intends to imprison Pops among the rest of the videos, along with Mordecai and Rigby. When Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops attempt to escape with the rest of the video subjects, she chases them through the internet. Once they all reach the exit, she attempts to hold Pops back, but she meets her demise in the form of Wedgie Ninja, who gives her a massive wedgie, causing her to release Pops, and ultimately blow up with Wedgie Ninja, resulting in both of their deaths.


  • In the show, when Rigby unplugs the Warden of the Internet, it is seen that a man with a bandana on his head is talking inside one of the video cages. This might be a cameo of the "bed intruder" video.
  • Unlike most of the episode antagonists, who behaved that way for trivial reasons (like acting stuffy with who they let in, how Death is only enemies with Skips because his duties as the Grim Reaper conflict with Skips' bargain with the Guardians of Eternal Youth, or how the coffee guy had a contract that wasn't fulfilled by Mordecai and Rigby) what the Warden did seem genuinely evil, which is probably why she's gained so many enemies and no allies.
  • She is one of the villains that isn't revived by Garett Bobby Ferguson Jr. In Exit 9B
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