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(The episode starts off in Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom, which is completely messy. Rigby is gnawing on a shirt, showing off that he has had a dream about eating something, but stops the moment he wakes up, then gasps and gets up)

Rigby: Chimichanga! (Mordecai moans) Dude!

(He throws the shirt at the back of Mordecai's head, which only makes him moan louder than before. Meanwhile, Rigby continues to throw more things to him)

Rigby (continued): Wake up! We gotta get chimichangas!

Mordecai: Huh? Right now?

Rigby: Yeah, now! I dreamt I was eating one, and everybody was there! Me, and you, and beans, and cheese; it was perfect!

Mordecai: Okay; a chimichanga does sound pretty good, actually.

Rigby: I just gotta grab something first.

(He then gets up from his trampoline.)

Rigby (continued):  It's good. You're gonna like it.

(Rigby tries to look for the item he needs by moving the trash down onto the floor, while Mordecai gets up from his bed and walks towards Rigby, watching him intently.)

Mordecai: You know, what I like to do is put my garbage in the trash can so I wouldn't dig through it when I need something.

Rigby: Whatever floats your boat, man.

(Rigby then finds the item he needed, which turns out to be two net hats that both say "IT'S CHIMICHANGA TIME!" on the front.)

Rigby (continued): Let's go.

(He then gives one of them to Mordecai.)

Mordecai: (Laughs) Aw, yeah; (Puts on the hat) it's chimichanga time!

(They both leave the room laughing, eager to get the chimichangas they've been wanting. Scene changes to Benson looking for his phone.)

(Benson sighs while Skips comes over to the door.)

Benson: Hey, Skips, have you seen my cell phone anywhere?

Skips: Didn't you lend it to Mordecai & Rigby?

Benson: Oh, right. They lost theirs in the toilet or something. (Benson & Skips leave the room.) How does that even happen?

(Scene then changes where Benson is knocking on Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom door.)

Benson (continued): Mordecai and Rigby, I need my phone back.

(Short silence)

Skips: You wanna take a look inside?

Benson: I don't wanna invade their privacy. I mean, I'm not even sure if it's in there.

(Skips then takes out his phone.)

Skips: Here, I'll dial your number and we'll see if we can hear it. (Skips dials the number) It's ringing. (pop music is heard in the scene) (laughs) Is that your phone?

Benson: It's the ringtone that came with the phone.

Skips: No, it isn't.

Benson: I just like it, okay? I'm going in.

(Benson then comes into the room and gags a little due to the horrible stench Mordecai & Rigby have in their room due to having huge piles of trash.)

Skips: I think the ring's coming from that pile.

(Benson then comes close to the pile which he sees his phone with stains and it's right on top of rotten food and clutter which makes Benson red and angry. The scene then changes to Mordecai & Rigby coming back with their chimichangas in the hallway.)

Rigby: (rapping) Some people play the bass!

Mordecai: (rapping) And some people play the conga!

Rigby: But I'm about to play...

Mordecai: ...this chimi-chimichanga!

Rigby: Turn up the treble!

Mordecai: Turn up the bass!

Rigby: Cause I'm shoving guacamole...

Mordecai: ...all up into my face!

(From their bedroom, Benson & Skips can hear both of them.)

Mordecai & Rigby: (rapping) Chimi-chimi-chimi-chimichanga! (Both laugh.)

Mordecai: Heh...classic. (The both of them then enter the bedroom.) Oh, hey, Benson. Hey Skips.

Benson: (angrily) You wanna explain why my phone is leaking?!

Mordecai: Oh, uh- sorry Benson.

Rigby: Yeah, we meant to give it back but then, a bunch...of...different stuff happened.

Benson: Bunch of different stuff? You mean like the garbage that's all over this room?

Mordecai & Rigby: Uhhh...

Benson: This place is a biohazard! I want both of you to clean it up now!

Mordecai: Both of us?! But Rigby's the one who's the slob! Look at his chimichanga!

(The screen shows Rigby's face with stains and his chimichanga dripping.)

Skips: He's not wrong.

Rigby: Well, Mordecai's even worse! Look at his junk at the corner!

(The screen then changes to Mordecai's bed.)

Mordecai: Dude, that's my bed.

Benson: I don't care who's responsible, (turning red) but you're gonna have to clean this room if you wanna keep living here, for FREE!

(The scene changes to Rigby chewing bubblegum while reading a trampoline magazine then spits out the chewed up bubblegum while Mordecai drops a package of trash bags on top of the magazine)

Rigby: Oh, hey, you dropped somethin'.

(Rigby holds up the package.)

Mordecai: It's time to clean the room. There are more of those in the kitchen and the dumpster's right outside.

Rigby: Well, you seem to know more around this maze so pretty well. Feel free around to get started.

Mordecai: Rigby, come on! This is your garbage! Just throw it out!

Rigby: Oh, really? My garbage? What about...(looks around in a pile)...this? (Rigby holds up a crumbled piece of paper) I almost never write on anything! This paper must be yours.

(Mordecai gets the crumbled paper from Rigby and un-crumbles it)

Mordecai: "Rigby's to-do list"? "Stay cool. Don't ever change. Have a great summer"?

(Rigby snatches the paper back and crumbles the paper again)

Rigby: Okay, fine. Garbage Hoops, then. Whoever misses the trash can first has to clean the room.

Mordecai: I'm not doin' this.

Rigby: Come on, Mordecai what's the big deal? It's just a little game. You're afraid of a little game?

Mordecai: This is your mess, Rigby. Just clean it up!

Rigby: But it's our room. What's yours is mine, what's mine is--

(Mordecai groans and snatches the paper back, flips the trash can over and slides it over to the other side of the room. He then throws the paper in a good aim to the trash can.)

Mordecai: Hm. Hm. Your turn.

Rigby: Okay, sure.

(Rigby gets another crumbled paper and then warms up for the throw by also grunting.)

Mordecai: Rigby!

Rigby: Alright! Alright!

(He then closes his eyes, pants a little then throws the paper as good as he could but ends up making him miss to hit at the center of the room.)

(Short silence)

Rigby: Later!

(By not liking the idea of him almost leaving, Mordecai tackles Rigby by not letting him get away that easy.)

Mordecai: Dude! Garbage hoops was your idea! You lost and now you have to clean the room! I'm leaving!

(Rigby glares while Mordecai leaves slamming the door shut, startling Rigby. Rigby whines while coming to get the trash can to clean the room while he mocks the things Mordecai has said about him before.)

Rigby: "Rigby's the one who's the slob! Look at his chimichanga!" Hmm! (He then lies down on his trampoline to check if there's any trash under it.) Hey... (Rigby gets up, comes near Mordecai's bed and kicks a toilet paper roll under it) I like it!

(scene changes where Mordecai comes into the room and sees that the room has no more piles of trash)

Mordecai: Whoa, good job, Rigby!

(When Mordecai had just put down his bag, a crumbling noise had appeared making him hear it, knowing that something's up. He checks under his bed cover and sees trash under it taking the whole space of his bed.)

Mordecai: Aw, dude!

(He checks the side table which also has garbage in it and by thinking of the obvious, he then opens the closet door which makes all the garbage fall right onto the floor making Mordecai sigh. Scene then changes where Rigby is coming through the hallway and got another chimichanga.)

Rigby: (rapping) Fried deep like a journal, a chimi-inferno, tortilla swaddled, wrapped so tight, I'm feeling paternal! (coming into the room, he sees that the garbage has been put up into their room again but this time making only one huge pile on Rigby's side) No! (Rigby drops his chimichanga, runs and picks up a pile of trash to put it under Mordecai's bed again but ends up going right forward to Mordecai) Aw, come on!

Mordecai: Just clean up the room, dude.

Rigby: Cleaning's for chumps!

Mordecai: Quit being a baby and clean it up!

Rigby: You quit being a baby and clean it up!

(scene then changes to Benson walking up the stairs with a salad.)

Benson: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and pepper. Salad for lunch and I never felt better. (laughs but then he comes close to their bedroom door and hears Rigby.)

Rigby: I'll never clean this room! Never!

(Benson comes in.)

Benson: This room is still not clean?!

Mordecai: But--

Benson: I'm sick of excuses! You have 24 hours to clean this room or you're fired!

(He leaves the room.)

Mordecai: This is on you, dude. Unless you wanna get another room, you better start cleaning.

(Mordecai leaves the room, shutting the door again. Rigby whines even more from his room to whining step by step down the stairs which Thomas hears feeling concerned when he then sees him on the couch now.)

Rigby: Hey, Thomas?

Thomas: Not gonna clean your room, dude.

(Rigby whines even more while Thomas tries to turn up the volume even more on the TV.)

Commercial: Bobby, why so glum?

Bobby: Mom's having another baby and I have to share my room with it.

Commercial: Another baby? Bummer, you should try 'Wall Buddy'! Wall Buddy lets you divide your space! Once! Twice! Even three times a room!

Bobby: Whoa! Wall Buddy's awesome!

Commercial: Buy now and you will receive Wall Buddy's voice activation at no additional charge!

(Bobby's baby brother is seen crying)

Bobby: Wall Buddy, help me out!

(Wall Buddy makes a wall around Bobby's brother.)

Commercial: Wall Buddy!

Bobby: Now my mom could have as many babies as she wants! Thanks, Wall Buddy!

(Bobby makes a wink making the end of the commercial)

Rigby: Great. Even that baby has his own room.

Thomas: Maybe you should get a Wall Buddy. Then you can be as messy as you want on your side of your room.

Rigby: Do they really work?

Thomas: Well, they're kind of cheaply made, but pretty much everyone in my dorm has one.

Rigby: Hmmm...

(scene changes to the hallway)

Mordecai: Alright, Rigby! The room better be clean!

(Mordecai comes into the room and sees that the room has a huge wall which is Wall Buddy, but the mess is still in there.)

Mordecai: What the—What's going on? (scene then shows Rigby lying down on his trampoline reading a book) What is this thing?

Rigby: Wall Buddy, window. I wanna see Mordecai's stupid face. (Wall Buddy then makes a window to Mordecai which Rigby demanded to do) Just decided to remodel a bit, thanks to Wall Buddy. Now we have our own rooms. Pretty awesome, right?

Mordecai: (sighs) Fine. You still need to clean up your mess though.

Rigby: My room is spotless, Mordecai. You might wanna get started on the huge mess in your room, though. I mean, Benson could fire you, so...

Mordecai: Dude! Dude, none of this is mine!

Rigby: Guess what, son! It's in your room so it's your mess now! Ha! Oh, you know what, my room could use some natural light. Wall Buddy, rearrange around other window.

(Wall Buddy does what Rigby has told it to do, taking part in Mordecai's space.)

Mordecai: Wall Buddy, rearrange around Rigby's mess! (Wall Buddy rearranges again taking all of the trash from Mordecai's space to Rigby's pushing it all the way to him.) Hmm! Hm!

(Rigby tries to get out from the pile making him pant a little.)

Rigby: Wall Buddy! Rearrange!

(Wall Buddy then rearranges pushing all the trash to Mordecai's side again but this time making all the trash go all the way to his corner making Mordecai squished in with the trash. Rigby laughs.)

Mordecai: (grunts) Wall Buddy! Window!

Rigby: Huh?

(Wall Buddy makes a window letting Mordecai punch Rigby in the arm.)

Rigby: Ow! (whimpers) Wall Buddy! Hatch!

(Wall Buddy does a hatch for Rigby making him kick Mordecai in the leg which makes Mordecai fall on the trash)

Mordecai: French doors! (Wall Buddy makes a door appear making all the trash go into Rigby's side) Rigby, I told you! (kicks piles of trash at Rigby's face at each saying)!

Rigby: Wall Buddy! Lower doorway!

(Wall Buddy lowers it a little due to hitting Mordecai's head in pain)

Mordecai: Ooh! (rubs his head) Wall Buddy! Hit Rigby with a buttress or something!

(Wall Buddy does what Mordecai has said until it's interrupted by Rigby)

Rigby: No! Hit Mordecai with abutting truss!

(Wall Buddy in a split second was about to do it but gets interrupted again)

Mordecai: No! Cancel abutting truss!

Rigby: Cancel buttress!

Mordecai: Cancel Rigby's commands!

Rigby: Cancel Mordecai's cancels!

(Wall Buddy is out of control by all the commands they told it to do at the same time)

Rigby: Uh, Wall Buddy, stop acting crazy! (Wall Buddy doesn't respond to them anymore and goes all around the room making a huge maze around them) Wall Buddy, stop subdividing! Wall Buddy!

(Wall Buddy keeps on dividing anyway by breaking through the walls in the hallway which also pushes Pops making him scream. Scene then changes to the living room where Thomas is watching the TV)

TV: And now, back to Carter & Briggs: Bust Russia.

Thomas: Alright!

(Wall Buddy then enters the living room still leading with Pops screaming right in front of it which blocks Thomas's viewing of the TV. Thomas sighs. Scene changes to where Muscle Man & High-Fives are stuck to a Chinese finger trap)

Muscle Man: How do we get out of this thing?

(By solving that problem, Wall Buddy gets through Muscle Man & High-Fives and later expands even more all over the house to the outside. Scene then changes to Mordecai & Rigby's bedroom )

Mordecai: (grunts) How are we gonna fix this now? Why didn't you just clean up your mess? (Mordecai pushes Rigby) It's like every time you have to do something simple you buy some dumb product and make it worst!

Rigby: What? When have I ever done that!? (screen shows some of Rigby's past products he brought up in the series like the Brain Max from "More Smarter" and The Russian from "One Pull Up". Rigby then slides the products away.) Anyway... (sighs) I'm upset!

Mordecai: Cause you got called out for being messy?

Rigby: No! That's not the reason why I'm mad! I know I'm messy. That's part of the "Rig package". It's 'cause you threw me right under the bus!

Mordecai: What? When?

Rigby: When Benson told us to clean the room, you ratted me out! It used to be both of us against the man. Now I know when it gets rough, you'll sell me out. Now my only buddy is Wall Buddy and you can see how well that's working out!

Mordecai: You're right. That was messed up. Bros gotta work out for one another. I'm really sorry, dude.

Rigby: I'm sorry, too.

Mordecai: Now how do we stop Wall Buddy?

Rigby: (gasp) The CPU!

Mordecai: What? What are you talking about?

Rigby: You know, that "pole-thingy". Maybe there's a reset button or something.

(Rigby leaves the room)

Mordecai: That's the plan?

(Mordecai leaves the room too to where Rigby's at. Scene changes where the both of them are in the hallway surrounded by Wall buddy)

Rigby: This way! (they then go to another hallway and go over a part of Wall Buddy) No, there's definitely a reset button! I read it in the manual!

(another part of Wall Buddy goes right in front of Mordecai)

Mordecai: Dude, you read something? I'm proud of you, man! (They then finally make it to the middle of the house seeing all the expansion of Wall buddy) Whoa...

Rigby: The CPU!

(They both see the CPU still expanding away from the house. Mordecai & Rigby then slide down on Wall Buddy to get close to the CPU)

Mordecai: Look!

(Mordecai points at the CPU which they are getting close to. Mordecai & Rigby then go running for it again)

Rigby: There!

(Getting even more close, they kept running and running after it when finally Mordecai & Rigby then hold onto the CPU but bringing matters worst, the CPU then brings up the two very high from above)

(Mordecai & Rigby scream)

Rigby: The reset button should be under the faceplate! We gotta smash it!

(By Rigby's words, Mordecai then smashes the faceplate)

Mordecai: Press it!

(Rigby then presses the button. Mordecai & Rigby scream again. Almost crashing to the ground, Mordecai & Rigby flip over on Wall Buddy but are still hanging on)

Mordecai: Hey, alright!

Rigby: Heh! He!

(since that was the reset button though, Mordecai & Rigby go all the way back again to the original position Wall Buddy was at which made Mordecai & Rigby scream at the whole experience back to their bedroom making Wall Buddy back to normal)

Mordecai and Rigby: Whoa!

(They both stand up)

Mordecai: Oh my gosh.

(Mordecai & Rigby high-five each other)

Rigby: Nice work, bro! And the best part is, Wall Buddy spread all my garbage throughout the park, so our room is spotless!

Mordecai: It also redistributed all our furniture.

Rigby: Well, yeah, but--

(Benson comes into the room red, screaming angrily)


Rigby: Now before you're saying anything, we did do what you said.

Mordecai: Yeah, we cleaned up Rigby's-- uh—I mean...our mess. (Rigby smiles in satisfaction) So you can't fire us.

Rigby: Immunity, son!

Benson: So who can I fire for ALL THE DAMAGE YOU TWO DID TO THE PARK?!?!?

(Short pause, then after a few seconds, Mordecai and Rigby point at each other, trying to blame each other for the damage. The episode ends.)