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This article is about the episode. For the character, see Wall Buddy (Character).

"Wall Buddy" is the fifth episode in season five (and one hundred-twenty first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on September 23, 2013.


Mordecai and Rigby have to clean up their room.


The episode begins with Rigby waking up from a dream, yelling "Chimichanga!" It is clearly visible that the room is a mess, with clothes and trash everywhere. He proceeds to wake up Mordecai, telling him that they have to go get chimichangas. Mordecai agrees. The scene changes to Benson in his office, asking Skips where his phone is. Skips reminds him that Benson let Mordecai and Rigby borrow it. So Benson goes up to their room, and finds his phone in a pile of trash. Because of this, he gets really angry. Then Mordecai and Rigby walk in with their chimichangas. Benson immediately yells at them, telling them to clean up the room. Mordecai blames it on Rigby, saying that it is his mess. Rigby then blames it on Mordecai. Benson doesn't care who's responsible for it, and he says that if Mordecai and Rigby cleaned up the room, they can keep living at the house for free.

After Benson leaves, Mordecai starts telling Rigby to clean up the room, since it was his mess. But Rigby tries to make it seem like it was Mordecai's fault. Then Rigby suggests a bet: they would each try to throw a piece of trash in the trash can several feet away. Whoever missed had to clean the room. Mordecai throws and gets it in. Rigby throws and misses, so now he has to clean the room. Rigby then tries to run away, but Mordecai tackles him and tells him to clean the room, before leaving. Rigby starts cleaning up, but gets bored. Later on, Mordecai comes in to find the room clean. He pulls the blanket off his bed to find that Rigby has stuffed all the trash under his blanket, in the drawer, and in the closet. Mordecai moves all the trash out and into a pile in the middle of the room again. When Rigby comes in, he sees the pile of trash and tries to put it back under the bed, but Mordecai stops him. They start arguing just as Benson walks by and hears Rigby loudly declare that he will never clean the room. Angry he comes in, telling them that they will be fired if the room doesn't get cleaned. Mordecai leaves the room again, leaving Rigby to clean up his mess.

Rigby goes downstairs and asks Thomas to clean his room. Thomas refuses before turning on the TV, and both see a commercial for something called "Wall Buddy." It is a wall that uses voice commands to grow and shrink, in order to divide a room. Once they see the commercial, Thomas suggests that Rigby should get a Wall Buddy.

Mordecai opens the door to their room to see that Rigby divided the room with Wall Buddy, leaving all the trash on Mordecai's side. They get into an argument about who should clean up the trash.

Mordecai tells Wall Buddy to rearrange itself so that all the trash is on Rigby's side. Wall Buddy does so, because it responds to voice command. Rigby then retaliates by telling Wall Buddy to rearrange so it is on Mordecai's side again. Wall Buddy then shifts before squishing Mordecai and all the trash in one corner of the room. Mordecai then tells Wall Buddy to make a window, punching Rigby through it. After, Rigby kicks Mordecai through a hatch at the bottom. Mordecai tells Wall Buddy to make a door, which dumps out all the trash onto Rigby. Mordecai and Rigby keep telling Wall Buddy to do different things at the same time, confusing it and making it go crazy.

Wall Buddy starts making different insane walls at the same time. The wall stretches all through the house, breaking through and going in all different directions in the park. Rigby and Mordecai are stuck in their room, with different walls going in different directions all around them. Mordecai tells Rigby that he should have just cleaned up the room, and complains that every time Rigby has to do something simple he goes out to get something to do it for him that just makes the situation worse. Rigby explains that when Benson told them to clean the room, he was upset with Mordecai for blaming the mess on him. Mordecai realizes that he had done that, and apologizes while Rigby apologizes for not cleaning the room. They both decide that they need to stop Wall Buddy from spreading out across the whole park. Rigby says that they can stop Wall Buddy by pressing a reset button on the CPU. They run through the collapsing house, and come to a hole in the front of the house. They see the part of Wall Buddy that has the CPU, and run to it. They both grab on and ride along on it as it stretches across the sky, trying to throw them off. Rigby presses the reset button, and Wall Buddy recoils all the way back down to their room.

Rigby notes that Wall Buddy had scattered all the trash across the park, resulting in nothing to clean up. Benson then comes in, enraged at all the damage they had done to the house. Mordecai says that Benson can't fire them because they "cleaned" up their mess. Benson then asks who he can fire for all of the damage that they did to the whole park. Mordecai and Rigby then point at each other, trying to blame each other as the episode ends






Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • Wall Buddy is a parody of HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


  • The Russian is seen in this episode in one piece even though Rigby broke it in its debut episode "One Pull Up."
  • Screenshot 2023-10-04 170743

    A letter missing.

    The Trash Mess keeps shrinking to get smaller as the episode goes on even though it was far huger. It’s possible Rigby cleaned some of it.
  • In one shot of Rigby, the last letter of "Chimichanga" on his hat is missing.