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(Episode opens with a college known as "'City College'". Eileen is shown passing all her Advanced classes. We are then shown "Video 101".)

Mr. Murphy: So for your final project, I thought we'd do something fun - a music video! (the class cheers except for Eileen, who is unsure) Projects are due at the end of the week. Good luck!

(Everyone leaves, then Eileen walks up to Mr. Murphy's desk)

Eileen: Um, Mr. Murphy, what exactly are you looking for in the assignment? I wanna do a good job so I can pass the class.

Mr. Murphy: Don't ask me what I'm looking for, Eileen, ask you what you're looking for, in here. Because making a good film takes more than what you have up here.

(Scene cuts to the Coffee Shop)

Mordecai: No way, name me one remake that's better than the original.

CJ: Uh, hello, obviously "Summer Camp Slashdown"? The original was totally shot in some guy's backyard.

Mordecai: What? That was a prequel, not a remake.

CJ: Your face is a remake.

Rigby: Ohhh... burned!

Mordecai: That doesn't even make sense.

(Eileen runs up to the guys)

Eileen: Hey, guys. Refills? Refills?

Mordecai: Eileen, that's the third time you topped us off.

Rigby: Yeah, what gives?

Eileen: Well, there's kind of this favor I wanted to ask you guys. Look, I gotta make a music video for my introductory filmmaking class, which I only took because I required to graduate. But I don't know the first thing about this kind of stuff. You guys are so creative! Can you help me?

Rigby: Can we be in it?

Eileen: Sure!

Rigby: Aw, yeah, we can help!

Mordecai: Yeah, we watch tons of music videos. We know all about this stuff.

CJ: That sounds like a lot of fun, Eileen.

Eileen: Well, super. I'm so glad you guys are up for it. I figured this kind of thing was up in your alley anyway.

Mordecai and Rigby: Psht!

Rigby: You'll be getting an automatic A with us helping you out.

Mordecai: Automatic A!

Mordecai and Rigby: (rapping) Automatic A, Gonna blow your class away, automatic A, let the teacher say hey! (They laugh)

(Scene cuts to the park where Eileen puts down the film camera gear and the guys are set up for the music video)

Eileen: Alright. I may not know much about music videos, but from what I gathered, the coolest ones have dancing in them. And it just so happens I've put together a little routine. (turns on music) So follow my lead. Five, six, seven, eight! (Everyone follows) Step, step, reach, and up!

CJ: (screws up) Aw, man!

Eileen: No, you're getting it! Keep going! (They kept going, which Eileen applauded to. Next Mordecai made a mistake, then immediately corrects it. Then Eileen gave him a thumbs up.)

Eileen: Okay now, step to your left. Arm, arm, jump! (Rigby messes up) Left! Left!

Rigby: Oh, the other left.

Eileen: There's only one left, Rigby.

Rigby: I got it! I got it! (They continued dancing)

Eileen: Alright, you guys are nailing it! I think we're ready to record. (Sets up her tripod)

Mordecai: Wait, you're gonna film here?

Eileen: (Opens up her camera screen) Yeah, why?

Mordecai: The park's just...

Rigby: So boring!

Eileen: I like the park! There's a simple charm.

Mordecai: I guess. But when you be cooler on, I don't know, a mountain top?

Rigby: Or on the back of a moving truck?

Mordecai: Or both at once?

Rigby: And it's on fire! (Imitates the sound of a fire)

Mordecai: We'd still do your dance. Just in for something awesome. Either way it's totally up to you.

CJ: Sounds fun!

Eileen: Well...

(Scene changes to a mountain)

Eileen: Woah, you guys were right! What an impressive vista.

CJ: Yeah. Good call, guys!

Rigby: Good call is what I'm all about.

Mordecai: Like that good call you made when you ate that sandwich off a sidewalk?

Rigby: Hey, the sidewalk adds flavor.

CJ: So did portable toilets. (Laughs)

Rigby: Ohhh... Burn!

Eileen: Alright, places! (She presses the record button on the camera, throws her cap, plays music and then joins them to dance.)

Rigby: Wait, wait. Stop, stop!

Eileen: What's wrong?

Rigby: Woah! Idea. Lightning bolt like, right here! Check it. We keep dancing, but the background keeps changing! Boom! The Arctic, boom! A volcano, boom! Outer space!

Mordecai: Dude, you just blew my mind!

Eileen: That sounds really complicated.

Rigby: Eh, just fix it in post.

CJ: Do you even know what that means?

Rigby: No, but they say it all the time in those making-up documentaries.

Mordecai: You're good at technical stuff, Eileen. It can't be that hard.

Eileen: Alright. If you think I can do it, then let's go for it!

Rigby: Yeah! Up high, Eileen! (He tries to hi-five Eileen but she falls to the ground)

(Scene changes to the seashore, where Mordecai and Rigby are seen wearing costumes, playing guitars and dancing to the music while Eileen films them both.)

Eileen: Cut! Cut! (Mordecai and Rigby stopped dancing) Uhh, what are you guys wearing?

Rigby: Costumes! All the coolest music videos have 'em.

Mordecai: Too much? Too much?

Eileen: Well, yeah! You both look insane.

Mordecai: Hey, sometimes you gotta go in-sane to out-sane the sane. You know what I'm sane-in'?

Eileen: No! Look, I think we should just keep it simple. Less is more is the way to go.

Rigby: Why not go more is more?

CJ: Won't it look weird with just you two in costumes?

Mordecai: We're way ahead of you.

(Scene changes to them wearing different costumes)

Eileen: How do you even dance in this?

Mordecai: Anyway you can!

Eileen: (sighs) Okay. Once more. From the top. Five, six, seven, eight!

Rigby: (holds a zebra head in a different voice) Hi, Eileen!

Eileen: (screams) Cut! The heck is that?

Rigby: Genuine zebra head! Don't worry, it's not real. (Bangs the zebra head)

Eileen: Rigby, I don't think we need props.

Rigby: (gasps and whispers) Don't listen to her!

Mordecai: Look, why don't we just try a couple of takes with props? And if you don't like it, you can just take it out later. No biggie!

Rigby: Though you would be taking out the most awesome part of the video.

Eileen: I don't know.

CJ: Look, Eileen, this is your project. Is this what you want? (Rigby waves the zebra head)

Eileen: Yes! Well, no. I mean, it's not what I thought. But I guess it's cool.

Rigby: (puts the zebra head on Eileen and she screams) Sub! Props to the props! (Eileen sighs)

(Scene changes to them dancing to different costumes. Then everybody plays their role while shooting their video.)

(Scene changes again to Eileen's house, where she is seen driving home.)

Eileen: (sighs) (her phone rings and she answers) What's up?

CJ: Hey! Just wanted to make sure you're okay. You seemed kinda frazzled back at the video shoot.

Eileen: Well, maybe a little. Mordecai and Rigby have a lot of ideas.

CJ: Just don't let them steamroll you, okay?

Eileen: Oh, it's fine. My friend Marcus from class is coming over to help me edit tonight.

CJ: (through the phone) Cool! Well, good luck! (Eileen hangs up then gets out of her car finding out Mordecai and Rigby are in her front door.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Surprise! (Eileen is startled)

Eileen: What are you guys doing here?!

Mordecai: We're here to help you edit.

Eileen: But I already have a friend coming by to help me.

Mordecai: Oh, that dude Marcus? We sent him home.

Rigby: Yeah, we even gave him a slice of this pizza we brought. It's the good stuff, Poppa Greazeos!

Mordecai: No need to thank us.

Eileen: Look, my project is due tomorrow morning. I don't have much time.

Mordecai: Exactly! Three people will make you go faster than one.

Rigby: We'll crank this Poppy up in no time! (Opens and closes up the pizza box like a mouth and talks in a weird voice) Come on, Eileen, I'm getting cold, let me in and eat me!

Eileen: Alright.

Mordecai and Rigby: Woooh! Edit! Edit! Edit! Edit! Edit! Edit!

Eileen: (sits in front of her computer) Let me just open Edit Max Pro. I think there's some cool features in here!

Rigby: What's a star wipe? (Eileen double-clicks the transition feature)

Mordecai and Rigby: Woah!

Mordecai: We gotta use that.

Eileen: I don't think we really need it, do we?

Mordecai: Oh, we need the star wipe.

Rigby: We totally need the star wipe.

Eileen: (sighs) Look, let's just get started.

(They began editing. Mordecai and Rigby points out many different transitions and effects on the computer. Then Eileen decides to go for some sleep.)

(Doorbell rings)

CJ: (holds two cups of coffee) Morning!

Eileen: CJ? What are you doing here?

CJ: I wanted to see how the video turned out.

Eileen: Oh no! Is it tomorrow today? I still have to finish it!

Mordecai: No you don't, cause we're done!

Eileen and CJ: You are?

Rigby: It just finished rendering!

Mordecai: Alright. Get ready to have your minds blown! (Plays the video clip, and at the end it displays: FIN.)

CJ: Um...

Rigby: Ugh! Who made this garbage?

Mordecai: Dude, we did!

Rigby: Oh, yeah. I knew we should've used more zebra.

Eileen: This is terrible! I can't turn this in!

CJ: I thought you guys knew everything about music videos.

Rigby: Yeah! Watching them, not making them!

Mordecai: Eileen, I hate to say this, but you probably gonna fail. (the voice lowers down as the camera zooms in to Eileen)

Eileen: I-- I've never failed a class in my life!

Rigby: Eh, it gets easier after the first few times. (Eileen sighs and bangs her head on the table)

Mordecai: Sorry, Eileen.

Rigby: Yeah, sorry we messed this up for you.

CJ: Well, there's still an hour left. We can re-edit it?

Eileen: Re-editing this isn't gonna make it work. Ugh! Think Eileen, Think! (Flashbacks to Mr. Murphy)

Mr. Murphy: (flashback) Don't ask me what I'm looking for, Eileen, ask you what you're looking for, in here. (turns back to the present)

Eileen: There's only one way I can make this work: Eileen's way! (sets up the filming gear, then puts on her cap) Alright, this is what we're gonna do: We're gonna stick to the dance routine like I planned, and we're gonna shoot it all in one take! Without stopping for anything!

Rigby: But that's impossible!

Eileen: No, it isn't! I did the math and it's totally possible. Just dance from here. (everybody smiles) Now, places! (presses the record button) action!

(They dance to the music with different effects and backgrounds. At the end, it is then shown the video is being played back on a TV in the coffee shop.)

Mordecai: So how'd you do?

Eileen: (puts down a paper that shows Eileen got an A from the class) Automatic A!

Mordecai, Rigby and CJ: Woaaahh!

Eileen: No, A. (Everybody says: A!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(The episode ends)