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"Video 101" is the twenty-fifth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-forty first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 5, 2014.


Eileen recruits Mordecai, Rigby and CJ to make a music video for her filmmaking class.


The episode opens up with Eileen at City College and being rewarded an A+ in all of her Advanced classes, however, when she goes into her class, Video 101, the teacher says that they have a project of a music video. Eileen is very nervous and the projects are due very soon. When class ends, Eileen asks what is he looking for on the assignment, to be sure she passes his class as well. He tells her to ask herself that question in her heart because filming takes more than your overall knowledge.

Eileen goes to the Coffee shop and Mordecai and CJ are debating over whether the re-make of "Summer Camp Slash Down" is better than the original one.  Eileen comes back after 3 times of asking them for re-fills. They asked what was the matter and she asked them to help her with making a music video, because she doesn't know anything about that. And since Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ are creative, she asks if they can help her. Rigby says as long as they are in it they can help her.

They then go to the park and Eileen has a boombox to play music with and a camera to record. She made up her own choreography for the music video and teaches them the moves. They mess up but Eileen encourages them to keep going, and eventually, they get it right. Eileen tells them that they are doing good with it and gets ready to record them. Mordecai and Rigby don't like the idea of recording in the park because it's so "boring" there. Eileen says it's a great place to be. Mordecai and Rigby then start thinking about ideas of other places to record: a mountain top, back of a moving truck, both at once, and all on fire. They can still use the same choreography. Eileen thinks about it.

Eileen says yes and they go to a mountain to record their moves there. Rigby says that he is all about good calls and Mordecai compares it to the time when he ate a sandwich off a sidewalk. Rigby thinks that sidewalks have flavor. CJ says portable toilets also have flavors. Once again, Rigby says Mordecai got "burned". Eileen starts the recording and play the music and goes with them to dance but after they start Rigby says he has another idea of what they can do. They dance but the background changes while they stay the same. Mordecai likes it but Eileen thinks it's really complicated. Mordecai says that she is good at technology and it can't be that hard.

They go to the beach in costumes using multiple item in the video. Eileen stops and tells them that their costumes make them look insane and they should just go back to keeping it simple. CJ says that maybe they should put it on and Eileen tries it. When she starts everyone off, Rigby gets a fake zebra head and scares her. Eileen says they don't need any props for the video. Mordecai suggests they first shoot with the props and then take them out if she doesn't want it. Eileen is unsure if she should and CJ asks Eileen if she really wants this because it's her project. Eileen says yes but then no and she goes back and forth and when she says she thinks it's cool, Rigby slams the zebra head on Eileen saying that they are going to use it. They make several different recordings wearing several different costumes, props, and other people. 

Eileen drives home stressed out. CJ calls Eileen and checks on her since she was a bit frazzled back when they were shooting some videos. Eileen says she is a little because of how many ideas they have. CJ tells her don't worry about it and Eileen says that her friend Marcus is coming over to help her edit the video. CJ wishes her luck and as soon as Eileen gets out of her car Mordecai and Rigby are both at her house, surprising her. Mordecai and Rigby told Marcus to go home and gave him a pizza so that they can help her. The project is due tomorrow and Mordecai says 3 people helping won't take very long. Eileen says alright and they go inside her house to edit the video. She opens up a program and says that there are some good features in it. There is a star feature and the guys say they need that but Eileen doesn't think so.

They edit the video but as they edit late at night Eileen gets tired and goes to sleep as Mordecai and Rigby continue editing. CJ arrives at the door saying she wanted to see how the video turned out. The video was just finished rendering and after they watch it they don't like what they did. This makes Mordecai and Rigby realize they did a terrible job making the video. CJ thought they knew everything about music videos but it turns out they only know about watching music videos, not making them. Mordecai says Eileen's probably going to fail her class for the first time which shocks Eileen because she's never failed a class in her life. Mordecai and Rigby apologize to Eileen for messing up the video and not making it go her way. CJ said that there's still an hour left to make a video but Eileen doesn't know what to do. Eileen soon remembers what her video teacher told her and say she is going to do the filming but this time, her way. They film the video in one take, and soon, at the Coffee Shop, Eileen shows her automatic A to her friends.


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  • Eileen's last name is revealed to be Roberts, as she wrote her signature on a test at the beginning of the episode.

Pop Culture References[]

  • While filming the video one of the supposed costume suggestions of Mordecai and Rigby are white paint suits with goggles before they proceed to toss bright paint on each other. This may be a reference to the aim of the Rube Goldberg Device made by OK Go for their second music video for This Too Shall Pass. OK Go launched their music career through similar creative one take viral videos to their own music.
  • When Eileen holds up the calculator, the calculator reads "2112". This could be a reference to the 1976 album 2112 by Canadian rock band Rush. 
  • Eileen's living room has a decorative framed picture of a character that resembles the late astronomer Carl Sagan.
  • When Eileen says to herself, "Think, Eileen. Think.", it is a reference to Biff's quote, "Think, McFly, Think" from the Back to the Future franchise.