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"VIP Members Only" is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 7 of Regular Show (and two hundred and fifteenth overall) It first aired on June 16, 2016.


When Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost want to be VIP members at Cheezer's.


The episode starts off with Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are hanging out at Cheezer's and eating a new grilled cheese sandwiches. Mordecai and Rigby rap about what they like about their food until an employee asks them if they're finished with their food. The four of them decided to head back to the park, Rigby is about to open the main entrance door until Muscle Man points out that his hands are gross and full of grease. 

Rigby says that he's going to use one of the moist towelettes near the entrance but gets his hand slapped away by one of the staff members saying how it's only for "VIP Members Only". Confused by this, a customer named Rick. When Rick enters and show his golden VIP card to the employee, which in return gives him his complimentary merchandise.

As the gang are surprised by this, the employee explains that along with being a VIP Member can also get someone into personal table reservations, complimentary tater tots, 50% off in the gift shop, and the "Pork Picnic" which is an exclusive sandwich but only for one week. Deciding to talk over it, Muscle Man asks how someone can become a VIP Member and there are only two ways: become an astronaut or prove themselves that they're worthy.

Since they are not astronauts, the female employee tells them to go online and fill out a form, to which Rigby expresses that this whole thing may not be worth it, only for a VIP Member to eat a sandwich right in front of them.

Back at the Park House, Pops is seen typing on the computer keyboard but slowly and instead Muscle Man helps him with it. After setting an image of a humming bird as the computer's wallpaper, he leaves the room and Mordecai gets on the website to print put the forms. Then, the gang go back to Cheezer's and that it may have taken 6 hours to fill it out but before they can become an official member, the same employee tells them to put up/hand out papers ads of the restaurant in the blistering sun.

With this in mind, High Five Ghost questions if being a VIP Member is all that but the employee changes their minds as she mentions the exclusive sandwich including the restaurant's patented three types dipping sauce, which could be a real chance of a lifetime. Deciding to do it, the gang do what they are assigned to such as putting the paper ad's on the windshield's glass of people's cars, picking up and throwing the trash in the dumpster, an experiments in which they eat a sandwich only to be electrocuted after every bite, and also cleaning and mopping the floor and tables.

As the montage ends, the female employee exclaims how the place looks cleaner than before, to which Mordecai asks how much more stuff they have to do, only for the female to give them a straight answer: "Just 65 more". Angered by this, High Five Ghost says how he feels like they are just doing chores while Muscle Man mentions how that there's got to be a shortcut, which leads to the four of them chanting out: "Shortcut!"

The employee remains calm and how the four of them should be focused on the prize and the last thing would be to clean some grease and not forgetting to lock up. As she leaves, an astronaut comes out, speaking with a Russian accent, and mentions how the four of them are in fact, just doing chores and that the female employee has fooled them all this time. With this, the astronaut explains how there is another way of becoming a VIP Member.

Deciding not to say it, the astronaut asks the gang if they will meet him at 2 in the morning in the restaurant. As the four of them give off a nod, it is now nighttime and they are met with the astronaut in the back of Cheezer's. He opens up a door that leads downstairs and finally reaching the bottom, there are a lot more of people sitting around focused on something in the center: a sandwich. Confused, Mordecai asks what they should do, to which the astronaut says to take a bite of the Muenster sandwich. As Rigby takes a bite of it, he says that it's an ordinary cheddar sandwich.

The astronaut reveals how it's actually "Muenster's" food and orders someone to open up the locked floor, which leads to the gang falling down to the bottom of another floor below. Seeing the skeleton remains around them, the astronaut tells them that in order to become official VIP Members, the gang are going to have to defeat the "munster"-monster. As it begins to chase them, the four of them try to run away, only to stop as they see a chain on the neck of the creature.

Finding something useful, Rigby uses an "American Flare Gun", which shoots out an American flag along with the sped up theme of Yankee Doodle. As Mordecai finds a jet pack, the four of them try to fly away on it but it doesn't work. Deciding on how they are going to get out, Mordecai tells Rigby to grabs the "American Flare Gun" and for Muscle Man and High Five Ghost to lure it to the side. As Muscle Man throws a package of Astronaut Ice Cream toward the creature, it chokes on it. Mordecai tells Rigby to shoot at the grate, not knowing that it will fall any moment now. With successful, Rigby uses the flare gun and the grate comes crashing down and knocking the creature out.

As they have now accomplished their mission, the others that were watching begin to chant "V.I.P" as Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost climb up a ladder that gets them out of the hole. The astronaut congratulates them on their final task only for it to be Becca, the female employee and also revealing how she was the monster as well. She explains how it's not just being a "VIP Member" but about working hard to earn their place at the very top. The gang cry tears of joy along with the others cheering for them, they are sitting down at the reservation table while taking a bit e of the exclusive sandwich.

In the end, the entire thing was actually a figment of Rigby's and him wanting to take Eileen to Cheezer's.


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  • The events of the episode all turn out to be a likely figment of Rigby just wanting to go to Cheezer's with Eileen at the end of the episode.
  • This marks the first and only time a real-life song that was previously heard in a different episode is heard again in another episode.

Episode Connections[]

  • This episode is a sequel to a season one episode (TV: Grilled Cheese Deluxe).
  • There are a few references to this episode:
    • Astronauts are allowed to cut the line in Cheezer's in the above episode, just as they are allowed to immediately be VIPs in this episode.
    • When Mordecai is asked if he's an astronaut, he says "Well... no." In the above episode, he and Rigby lie about being astronauts and are allowed into the compound.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The song "Takin' Care of Business by Bachman" by Turner Overdrive is reused during a montage of Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost doing tasks at Cheezer's in order to become VIP members so they can have the Pork Picnic sandwich. The song was previously heard in "Tent Trouble."
  • The scene where the guys are dropped down a hole to be feed to the monster is a reference to the scene in Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi, where Jabba the Hut sends people down a hole to be feed to the Rancor.