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"A category is a group of pages with similar topics. Categories are useful in giving structure to a wiki's pages and helping readers move around the wiki."
-Help:Category on Wikia Help

Categories are not used for spamming to get a few 10 point badges, for boosting one's edit count, for typing things that should be in the Trivia section, or to show opinions.

Examples of bad categories:

  • Category:Annoying characters (bias)
  • Category:Epic Deaths (bias)
  • Category:Episodes that Use the "Oooohhhh!" quote (inane; unnecessary)
  • Category:Benson doesn't turn red (inane; unnecessary)
  • Category:2011 (is there ANY criteria for this category? Anything at all?)
  • Category:Two Characters (unnecessary; few members)
  • Category:Smelly characters (UNNECESSARY; BIAS; ONE MEMBER (sorry, I had caps lock on))
  • Category:People with the same name as the episode (unnecessary (info can just go in the Trivia section); few members)
  • Category:Pilot (poor criteria; few members)
  • Category:People with Formsprings (has Regular Show characters mixed in with real-life people
  • Category:Episodes Eileen Appeared In (unnecessary; few members)
^Please note that my above examples may not be 100% "bad". I will remove categories from the above list if the community disagrees with their importance.^

Do not be offended if you made any of the categories above. This was not meant to insult anyone, but to show people what the criteria for a good category is, and why the categories above are unnecessary.

I shall be helping to clean up the category spam, improve the grammar, and do any other work that comes my way on this wiki. I am an administrator here, so if you need my help on anything, don't hesitate to leave a message (with a signed comment) on my talk page. now just a regular user here because I have not edited here for a while. :/ Oh well, I'll find something that I'm allowed to do.

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