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Trash Boat

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Getting loaded, having political debates, smoking mj (I have my medical mj card), and pale skinned women with light eyes

Current Occupation

Park Events Coordinator for a Sports Park/Complex


Reading Tarot Cards, Woodworking, Quick Draw Shooting


I look more serious than I am. I'm a good natured person who doesn't hold grudges and prefers a mellow easy going life. I used to drink quite a lot, but not so much anymore.


I've watched this show since it's inception, and find it to be amusing and quirky, without pandering to any one specific group. I used to be an admin at the Dune wiki, I also contribute to the Adventure Time Wiki and Encyclopedia Dramatica, at least before the near loss of ED in 2011. I have a bunch of interests and other stuff, but this is the internet, so I guess reality doesn't really matter, just a world full of trolls, white knights, noobs and pervs.

Why did you take the name Trash Boat?

It was one of my favorite episodes, so I guess it's more like an homage than anything.

Favorite Beers

In Order: 1. Boddington's Pub Ale 2. Tiger Beer 3. Red Stripe 4. Shiner Boch 5. Killian's Irish Red 6. Dos Equis Amber 7. Foster's 8. Rolling Rock 9. Coors 10. Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor

Favorite Episodes

1. Exit 9b 2. A Bunch of Full Grown Geese 3. Expert or Liar 4. Portable Toilet 5. Fool Me Twice 6. Trash Boat 7. Sandwich of Death 8. Fuzzy Dice 9. Fist of Justice 10. That's My Jam