aka Pops Maellard

  • I live in The Park, Originally in Lolliland
  • My occupation is A son
  • I am Male Lollipop

Hello! My name is Pops! Guess what THIS THING is! It is my userpage! In here, I will list my goals, things I have done, number of times banned (somebody WILL need that, I hope.). Also, I'll post what I think of other people here, trying to not insult anyone, of course. So, shall I get STARTED? (♥ ♥ ♥)


  • Start a comic
  • Finish the first episode of RSW
  • Finish Season 3
  • Say something nice to everybody and make everybody like me (the friendly way)
  • Buy some lollipops.

What have I done?

I guess I answered some questions! I made some trophies for my friends, who answered MY questions! For example, The Mordeskips Trophy (Rest in Peace, Sboy) or the Million Dreams Award (Hint: KHBBS).

Also, I STARTED a comic, but plan to change it to fanon.

BTW, I know what sarcasm is, but Think Positive!

Times banned

  • From Wiki: 1
  • From Chat: 1
  • Overall: 2

Something nice to my friends

  • Sboy (Decea... Retired) - A nice person, creator of Mordeskips, good friend.
  • Pops Maellard 300 (Decea... Retired) - Good person to have FUN with! Always ready to help.
  • FinnFionnaFan - Great person overall. Need I say more?
  • Awesomeness - Totally Awesome and honorous.
  • Robotman32 (A person I know the numbers for?!) - Good at trivia
  • Rigby (bestie) - Good admin, good person, good friend, creator of Di'Angelo, too.
  • Arturo2x - Creator of a very special comic (comix) featuring characters based off wiki users. Also, a person who will never leave me or anybody else to sadness.
  • KillFeedz OG - Kirara fan, nice person, very go(o)d teacher.
  • Berryleaf - Awesome person, good Minecraft player, also a good avatar-chooser.

Once I remember anybody else, I'll post him/her.


  • Favourite episode: Death Punchies, for giant character-development and more power to Mordecai-Rigby friendship.
  • Least favourite episode: Just Set Up the Chairs - only because I couldn't see it in Poland due to site-breaking (I watched it in the internet)
  • Favourite protagonist: Rigby
  • Least favourite protagonist: Hi-Five Ghost
  • Favourite antagonist: Rigby in Death Punchies
  • Least favourite antagonist: Moon Monster
  • Favourite User: Everybody
  • Least favourite user: I like everybody

Should I continue the RSW as a comic or a fanon?


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