Gallibon the Destroyer

aka Angel Dust

  • I live in Hell, Space, Another Dimension, doesn't matter where, I am everywhere
  • I was born on November 6
  • My occupation is Going C R A Z Y, working, working, working, oh and working
  • I am N O R M A L

Hello there i' am Gallibon the Destroyer. I'm just some secretive, quiet guy who likes obscure media, foreign language dubs, collecting CD's and monster movies. I like to be in a positive mood most of the time. Also my username is pronoucned "gal-bon" not "gally-bon". I' am not a robot. 

My favorite character is Mordecai. He's got the best lines and find his design to be very appealing. My second favorite is Benson (although he can be a prick at times) and my favorite villain is Internet but that's mainly because he reminds me a lot of the Omnidroid from the Incredibles. Also I would put some pictures around here in my profile, but my computer isn't working so good at the moment.

My favorite seasons are Season 5 and Season 6, because those had the best humor and best storylines, IMO.

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