My friends (Not in any specific order)

If the user's name is in bold, it indicates that the user is retired.

  • Pitsbrother143 (Pit) (User) -- A great person to talk to, is super funny, and is one of my BIFs!
  • Rackliffelikespurple(Rack) (Administrator and B-crat) -- The first person I met on this wik! He is great friend of mine, and he taught me everything I know about being an admin. I consider him as one of my twins, the other twin being Kaitlyn Dunlap. I consider us all to be triplets. :3
  • Kaitlyn Dunlap (Kait) (Chat moderator) -- The first female admin on this wiki, the second being myself! She is super nice and is a great chat moderator, and she might be able to become an admin again! I consider her as one of my twins. :3
  • Rigbybestie1510 (Rig) (User) -- Rig is a great friend. She is also super funny!
  • Sboy21 (Sboy) (User) -- Sb is super awesome, funny, and knows a lot about the wiki. I was crying when he got globally banned. :(
  • Firebird- (Fire) (User) -- Fire is a very nice person, super kind! I consider Fire as a great friend of mine.
  • Malary Clawws (Malary) (User) -- Malary is one of the funniest people I know, and is very kind. She also likes anime, like myself.
  • TheGunther (Gunther) (Administrator and Bureaucrat) -- Gunther is the one who made me an admin, and he taught me most of what I know about the wiki. I consider him as my gymnastics/sports buddy on the wiki.
  • Berryleaf (Berry) (Chat moderator) -- Berry is a chat moderator, and an excellent one at that! He is also very funny, and very responsible.
  • Awesomeness115 (Awesome) (User) -- One of the greatest admins I ever met. He is very nice, and is awesome, just as his username says.
  • Alice the Wiz (Alice) (User) -- Alice is one of the funniest people I ever met, and is a cat lover! :3
  • Marcelina09 (Marcelina) (User) -- Marcelina is my friend that I met on ATVN wiki. She is hilarious, and is Alice's best friend.
  • Gexter12 (Gexter) (User) -- He is pretty cool, fun to chat with.
  • Arturo2x (Arturo) (User) -- He is funny, cool, and one of many that introduced me to this magnifcent wiki.
  • Llama48 (Llama) (User) -- Llama is the "picture master". He makes the funniest jokes, and is the ulitmate fan of Leon! Utopia! :3
  • SecretJinx (Jinxinator) (A former rollback) -- Super cool, a great friend of mine.
  • RoxiGirl525 (Roxi) (User) -- She is pretty funny, and very nice.
  • Robotman32 (Robot) (User) -- Robot is probably the biggest fanof Big Nate. He also plays video games, including Mario Kart 7, which we are going to verse eachother online! He is very nice, a great friend of mine!
  • Utter Solitude (Utter) (User) -- A great user, and is super kind, what a great friend!
  • Sboy13 (Sb) (Admin, he is back!!!! :D) -- Yep, he is back! If you want a description, see the one for Sboy21.
  • New Heathera (Heathera) (Rollback) -- Pretty cool, smart, and funny.
  • Deimos747 (Deimos) (User) -- He is super cool, and he has the same name as one of my brothers! :D
  • SaberSworn (Saber) (Admin) -- He is super cool, and knows a lot about everything wiki related. One of my greatest friends from AT wiki. :D
  • The bright cube (Bright) (Cube) (User) -- Very funny, probably the biggest fan of Puyu Puyu (or however you spell it :P), and is great with uploading pictures.
  • Finn is the best (Finn) (Rollback) -- Really cool, and is a fan of Eddsworld, like me! :D
  • Racc00n (Coon) (User) -- He is plain awesome, and it is fun to roleplay with him.
  • Random Princess (Random) (User) -- She is really funny, it is great to rolplay with her, and she is a HUGE fan of anime, like me! :D
  • Eileen123 (Eileen) (User) -- She is SUPER nice, and is is great chatting with her! :D
  • One Regular Dude (One) (User) -- It is great chatting with him, and were both huge fans of Pokemon! :D
  • AngryGodzillaPie (Angry) (User) -- He is really nice, and is an awesome roleplayer. =3
  • M1870 (Marcus) (User) -- An old friend from AT wiki, he is really great, and it is awesome talking with him.
  • Malybird (Maly) (User) -- He is really cool! A fan of Pokemon like yours truly! :D
  • Flame Prince Finn (FPF) (User) -- A really good friend of mine from AT wiki. He is just awesome. |D
  • Applesauce07 (Apple) (User) -- A really nice user, it is fun chatting with him/her, And a fan of AT. |D
  • Juan Brony Boy (Juan) (User) -- A cool, nice user, and is a fan of MLP, like myself. 8D

Pages I created

Total: 2


  • Reached 100 edits
  • Reached 200 edits
  • Reached 300 edits
  • Reached 400 edits
  • Reached 500 edits
  • Reached 600 edits
  • Reached 700 edits
  • Became second female administrator! (The first being Kaitlyn Dunlap, who is now a chat moderator)
  • Reached 800 edits
  • Reached 900 edits
  • Became featured user a total of: 3 time(s)
  • Reached 1,000 edits


  • Reach 2,000 edits
  • Reach 3,000 edits
  • Reach 4,000 edits
  • Reach 5,000 edits
  • Clean up all images with no catagory
  • Clean up all unused images
  • Clean up all red links
  • Get this wiki a spotlight
  • Delete all non-existent photos

Animes I watch

  • InuYasha
  • Sailor Moon
  • 11eyes
  • Pokemon
  • Teen Titans
  • Sonic X

Fan clubs I am part of

  1. Chad Fan Club
  2. Rigby Fan Club
  3. Techmo Fan Club
  4. Eileen Fan Club
  5. Benson and Audrey fan club
  6. Doug Fan Club
  7. Rigby and Eileen Fan Club (Founder)

Admin Slogan

"Admins help other Admins" - Rackliffelikespurple

My signature

Finnfionnafan, the Ultimate fan of Tord From Eddsworld 00:00, June 23, 2012 (UTC)

My slogan

My slogan I made up for when someone abuses their admin, rollback, or chat moderator rights:

"If you abuse it, you lose it". - File:Osha.gifFinnfionnafan321File:Zorua.gif 02:06, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

In Honor of TheGunther

Gunther, he was such as great friend of mine. There are so many great things to say about him, but it would be impossible to mention them all, there are so many. In honor of Gunther's retirement, I put this picture on my profile.


Gunther, you will be missed, I hope to see you again someday.

Gallery of Cool Eddsworld Photos

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