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"Under the Hood" is the eleventh episode of Season Three (and fifty-first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on December 12, 2011.


Mordecai and Rigby must catch a vandal named "Park Avenue" after having Muscle Man wrongly accused and fired for doing the graffiti.


The episode starts with Benson telling Mordecai and Rigby to clean up the graffiti around The Park. The two are naturally reluctant to do the job and can't wait to see the culprit caught and punished. Muscle Man is watching them work, and it happens that he is covered with some orange substance, which coincidentally is also the color of the paint used in the graffiti. He claims that it is the sauce from Wing Kingdom, and when Mordecai asks for a receipt, he fails to produce it, which leads him and Rigby to believe that he did the vandalism. They reported him to Benson, and Muscle Man still vehemently denies doing it. A can of orange spray paint suddenly comes out of his pocket, which made him appear guilty. He then tells Benson that he was painting High Five Ghost's sweet ride. Benson doesn't believe him and instead, fires him. Running out of credible excuses, Muscle Man gets fired alongside Hi-Five Ghost, who threatens to leave thinking that Benson will change his mind, but he instead readily lets him go, too.

The real graffiti artist, a guy in a hood, is finally caught in the act by Mordecai and Rigby, but he escaped. The two tell their boss that it isn't Muscle Man after all, but Benson doesn't believe them, thinking that they are only saying it because they feel bad about their two co-workers getting fired. They head to Skips next, who also happens to be eating chicken wings after Muscle Man got him hooked up. He suspects that the vandal is Park Avenue and advises them to catch him so that Benson re-hires Muscle Man and Fives. Those two, meanwhile, are trying their hand in stand-up comedy, with Muscle Man first performing at the café where Margaret works. He is deemed unfunny, asked to leave the stage and is thrown a tomato. He loses his temper and tries to run after the audience, with Fives trying to stop him.

Back in the park, Mordecai and Rigby begin hunting down Park Avenue, but Park Avenue keeps on disappearing when they try to catch him. Soon, the entire park is covered in Park's graffiti, and they meet up with Muscle Man who is trying to sell Hi Five Ghost's scooter for money. Mordecai and Rigby don't take it and Muscle Man begins to walk away when Mordecai asks him for the spray paint. They then use the spray paint to create a diversion, by painting themselves orange and blending in with the wall they re-painted earlier (they painted this wall orange like themselves to attract Park Avenue). Their plan works, as Park Avenue comes up to re-paint it. At that moment, Mordecai and Rigby reveal their camouflaged positions and attack Park Avenue. And when Mordecai removes his hoodie, they are both shocked to find that Park Avenue is a walking can of spray paint. Stunned by this, PA escapes by creating a portal that he uses to travel to a place filled with his graffiti. Mordecai and Rigby chase him, and are soon attacked by Park Avenue's Graffiti Monsters. When the duo escapes, they are in a supposedly empty white room. They soon start crashing into a bunch of stuff, and Rigby angrily sprays the area around him with the paint, to reveal a TV and Futon, as well as a bunch of other furniture. as they continue to do this, Park Avenue comes up, criticizing them for painting his house, and making it into a mess. Mordecai demands that he comes back to the surface, and admits to Benson that he is responsible for the graffiti, and to stop painting the park. At first, he refuses, but quickly changes his mind when Rigby starts painting the walls once more.

Park Avenue comes back with Mordecai and Rigby to the surface, and explains to Benson, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost that he did the graffiti, and tells him why he did it. Hearing enough, Benson tells him that he is going to call the police for what Park Avenue did. Park Avenue then tries to escape, but gets stuck mid-way through the portal (mostly because it wasn't big enough) while Benson dials the cops. Mordecai apologizes to Muscle Man for getting him fired and Benson then gives the keys back to Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost. At first, Muscle Man said he was doing great as a comedian and Benson was impressed was about thinks Muscle Man doesn't need his old job but Muscle Man quickly told the truth and ask for his keys back, and drove away with Hi Five Ghost. Benson then tells Mordecai and Rigby that they need to clean up ALL the graffiti. As Benson walks away, Mordecai asks Rigby if he wants to get some chicken wings at Wing Kingdom, the same place Muscle Man had gotten his wings earlier in the episode.


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  • Muscle Man's dream job is revealed to be a comedian.
  • The first graffiti monster that comes alive is a reference to the Norris head monster from John Carpenter's cult classic, The Thing.

Episode Connections[]

  • Muscle Man tries to do comedy in this episode at the Coffee shop, which he later tries doing again. (TV: Cube Bros)

Production Notes[]

  • This is the last Regular Show episode to air in 2011.
  • This episode received 2.324 million views.