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The Ulti-Meatum is the burger seen in The Best Burger in the World. It is heard that it only comes out every century. It is served from the Grill 'Em Up Truck by its head chef, Ajay Maldonaldo. Only one per customer is allowed. The burgers are forever lost after the chef responsible for making it perished after his food truck crashed into the Crash Pit, taking the recipe to his grave.


It is a large cheeseburger, cooked into a larger burger with two other deep fried burgers for buns. There are layers of cheese, Himalayan Ketchup, and other buns also inside.

Cooking Method

It is made by stuffing a cheeseburger inside a cheeseburger patty, using two deep-fried cheeseburgers as buns. Then the special Himalayan Ketchup is added.

According to Muscle Man, the Idaho Style Ulti-Meatum is where the burger is made the same way, but with a whole bag of chips in it as well.

Top Bun
Himalayan Ketchup
Deep-fried cheeseburger
Cheeseburger stuffed in a cheeseburger
Deep-fried cheeseburger
Bottom Bun


  • The name is a reference to the word "ultimatum", which means "demanding change".
  • The burger is mostly influenced by the YouTube web show Epic Meal Time.
  • At the end of "The Best Burger in the World", Ajay Maldonaldo says Mordecai and Rigby are lucky because they got the last burgers of the century, but Benson ends up eating both of them, saying that they were right about the burgers being the best.
  • Benson has the good fortune of being the only person to have more than one burger due to eating Mordecai's and Rigby's, as well as the last person to ever have one due to the Grill 'Em Up Truck rolling into the Crash Pit at the end of the episode (See Fortune Cookie for proof of luck).
  • One restaurant actually made a real-life version with a limited supply, Behold the Ulti-Meatum 1 and the Ulti-Meatum 2.
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