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"Ugly Moons" is the sixth episode in Season Eight (and two hundred and twenty-third overall) of Regular Show. It aired on September 29, 2016.


Colonel Rawls needs Muscle Man to prank his rival, Carlton Tanner of the Space Bush Station. Muscle Man recruits his friends to help him.


The episode begins in Colonel Rawls' office, where he is doing push ups. Just before he can hit fifty, he gets a call that informs him of a meteor on a collision course with the Space Tree. Rawls activates his space binoculars to investigate, only to see a pair of underwear with his face on it. When he zooms out, he sees a row of people mooning him. A man calls out "Got you again, Rawls!", causing Rawls to scream in frustration at the nearby station, the Space Bush.

Later, Muscle Man is called into Rawls' office. When asked why he is here, Muscle Man replies that the quantum toilet was backed up when he arrived. Rawls is briefly confused, but dismisses it. He goes on to explain about Sergeant Carlton Tanner, the commander of the Space Bush and Rawls' long-time rival, who has been pranking Rawls since their academy days. Muscle Man asks why he is involved here. Rawls replies he has tried to prank Tanner back, but to always fail. He believes Muscle Man is the greatest prankster in the galaxy, and he wants him to prank Tanner.

Muscle Man asks what's in it for him. Rawls answers all of the equipment and personnel of the Space Tree will be at his disposal. But most of all, the opportunity to pull off the biggest prank in galactic history. At this, Muscle Man agrees to the mission.

Rawls, High Five Ghost, and Muscle Man enter the Space Tree's Prank Division, and Muscle Man is astonished as to how serious the Space Tree takes pranking. Rawls introduces Muscle Man to Professor Prankenstein, the head of the Prank Division. He shows Muscle Man some fake puke, which looks and smells just like the real deal. Next, Prankenstein introduces his latest creation: slime that rapidly expands once exposed to a dinner mint. Muscle Man inspects the slime and comes up with a plan: one he'll need his team to help pull off.

Muscle Man goes around the Space Tree and recruits his friends: Benson and Pops notice him while hanging up a cat painting, he joins Skips working on a space cart, he pops out of a plant Eileen is watering, Sureshot sees him in the mirror while admiring himself, and he pulls the plug of a flight simulator Mordecai and Rigby are using. Muscle Man gathers everyone in a meeting room, where he brings them up to speed about Tanner and the Space Bush before explaining his plan. He calls it Operation: Slime Bomb. He takes a moment to thank Mordecai for his presentation's graphics.

First, a small squad will infiltrate the Space Bush from the inside and disable the forcefield surrounding the ship, allowing everyone else to board. Then, everyone will deliver fifty-five gallon drums of slime to three specific locations on the Space Bush. Dinner mint containers are connected to timers that will drop into the slime once they reach zero. Once dropped off, the team will extract from the Space Bush and the entire station will be covered in slime. Lastly, the group celebrates with a giant bottle of apple juice.

Rigby says that the plan looks complicated and asks if the Space Tree can just moon the Space Bush back. Muscle Man quickly shuts him down, saying that this is his plan and anyone who doesn't agree with it can leave. With no further questions, the team gets to work and prepares for the mission.

Fives has a checkboard and says that everything is in order. Pops is stirring the slime, which Muscle Man checks. He tells Pops to keep stirring so that the slime reaches the right consistency. Just then, Benson crashes a forklift he's driving, to which he says he has no idea how to drive it. Muscle Man just tosses him a manual and tells him to read it. Next, Muscle Man approaches Recap Robot and Toothpick Sally, who have just finished installing the timer mechanisms on the drums. Muscle Man measures them and sees that they are not level, ordering the two to start over.

Suddenly, Rawls contacts Muscle Man and says the Space Bush are at it again. This time, they're mooning from outer space, which baffles Rawls. He tells Muscle Man that there's no more time left. Operation: Slime Bomb must proceed immediately.

The team takes a shuttle from the Space Tree, which a space cart deploys from. Inside, Mordecai and Rigby (disguised as delivery men) fly up to the Space Bush to deliver a flat-screen TV. Immediately, they run into trouble when the Space Bush operator tells them they have plenty of flat-screen TVs, all of which have ultra-HD and intergalactic channel access. Rigby says that this TV can also make pancakes... which the operator buys. The forcefield is opened and the duo proceeds inside. They try to deliver the TV, but are stopped by Space Bush personnel, who take the TV themselves since only Space Bush personnel are allowed beyond this point. As soon as they leave with the TV, Mordecai contacts Muscle Man and says "The package is in the pen." Phase 1 is complete.

After the guards leave, Eileen- clad in a ninja suit- pops out of the box and approaches a security console. She sends a code to Recap Robot, who uses it to hack into the Space Bush's network. Once he's in, he shuts down the forcefield and surveillance system. Meanwhile, Eileen slips out of her suit and dons a Space Bush personnel disguise.

Phase 2 is complete. Muscle Man pilots the shuttle into the Space Bush's hangar. The team separates into three forklifts: Benson, Skips, and Pops in one, Sureshot, Sally, and Recap in another, and Mordecai, Rigby, Fives, and Muscle Man in the third. Muscle Man, donning a pack with his celebratory bottle, says they have about sixty seconds before the Space Bush's systems are back online. Everyone drives out of the shuttle and splits up, heading to their assigned drop points... and an alarm goes off, much to Muscle Man's confusion.

The Space Bush is onto them, having caught Eileen. She contacts Muscle Man and warns him, telling him to hurry. He looks at his laptop to see the team's progress... and sees Benson's forklift has stopped dead in its tracks. He contacts Benson to ask him what happened. On their end, Space Bush security has caught them. A few seconds later, Space Bush personnel halt Sureshot's forklift and detain them.

Muscle Man looks up from his laptop and sees more than a dozen guards blocking their route. Mordecai brakes and looks behind him, seeing more guards coming from that direction. They are trapped, leaving Muscle Man to decide to set the drum off manually. But he fails and Space Bush personnel capture him, Fives, Mordecai, and Rigby.

The team is put in handcuffs and brought before Sergeant Tanner himself. He says he expected more from his old rival, who had an amateur in charge of the operation. Muscle Man replies that he's full of surprises and he remotely activates one of the Slime Bombs. While mockingly expressing fear and defeat, Tanner cuts the wires to the timer just when one second remains on the timer. He tells Muscle Man that he has two choices: he and his friends can be imprisoned the Space Bush's brig or admit that Tanner is the best prankster in the galaxy.

Having no choice in the matter, Muscle Man reluctantly admits that Tanner is the greatest and falls to his knees in defeat. Tanner steals Muscle Man's celebratory bottle to use it in his own celebration. He orders his crew to kick them off the Space Bush, but not before he taunts Muscle Man with the bottle and says "Cheers!".

Back on the Space Tree, Rawls is furious at Muscle Man for failing his mission. He hopes Muscle Man is proud of himself and calls him a failure. Muscle Man just gives Rawls a knowing look and replies with "Am I?"

On the Space Bush, Tanner opens the celebratory bottle he took from Muscle Man and sees that it is actually a slime bomb. Five seconds are left on the timer and Tanner is in disbelief. The bomb blows right in front of Tanner and the Space Bush is slimed. Everyone on the Space Tree rejoices and an amazed Rawls congratulates Muscle Man, saying he should never have doubted him. Muscle Man replies that he is right.

Muscle Man drops his pants and moons the entire Space Bush with a picture of Tanner's face on his underwear as payback for his prank on Rawls. From the slimed Space Bush, a defeated Tanner weakly admits that Muscle Man really is the best prankster in the galaxy.


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  • Benson has gone back to being a cat person.
  • Colonel Rawls reveals that the Space Tree has a rival space station called the Space Bush.
  • Until Muscle Man pranked the whole Space Bush, they used to be known as the greatest pranksters in the Galaxy.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The music that plays during Muscle Man recruiting the gang is a reference to the A-Team theme.
  • Professor Prankenstein is an obvious parody of Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein from the novel/film "Frankenstein".
    • The way he pronounces his name, "Pronkensteen" is also a reference to Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein".
  • The music playing at the end of the episode while Muscle Man moons the Space Bush is Beethoven's "Ode To Joy."

Episode Connections[]

Production Notes[]

  • This marks the sixth episode to air during the fourth "Regular Show Bomb."