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Tyler, The Creator
Full name: Tyler Gregory Okonma
Birth date: March 6, 1991
Birth place: Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Rapper
Voice actor
Education: Media Arts Academy
Religion: Atheist

Tyler Gregory Okonma[1] (born March 6, 1991),[2] better known as Tyler, The Creator[1] is a voice actor for Regular Show. He is also a rapper and a member of Odd Future. He made an appearance in the episode "Rap It Up" and voiced Blitz Comet and Big Trouble, under the pseudonym Tyler Haley O.

Early life

Tyler Gregory Okonma was born on March 6, 1991 in Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, California.[3] Tyler was taught at Media Arts Academy.[4]

Voice credits

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Season 3

Personal life

Tyler has ADHD and asthma.[4] Tyler is also an atheist.[5] In his free time, Tyler enjoys skateboarding, music and fashion.[6] His hometown is Boulder, Colorado.[7]

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