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Not to be confused with the Trucker Ghosts, the ghosts that appeared in the same epsiode they did, or the Truckers, who appeared on TV in "Eggscellent", or just Truckers, as in the occupation.

Trucker Group
Biographical Information
Occupation: Truckers
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black, Brown
Show Information
Appears in: "Trucker Hall of Fame"

The Trucker Group was a group of three middle-aged men who were truckers that worked with Muscle Dad. They appeared in the episode Trucker Hall of Fame as the main antagonists. They were also the ones who eventually revealed to Muscle Man that his dad was only a forklift driver. Later on, they attempted to crush Muscle Man, Mordecai, and Rigby so they couldn't spread Muscle Dad's trucker hat ashes over the Trucker Hall of Fame. Before they could succeed, however, their truck was thrown down the mountain and it exploded, killing all three of them. They are some of the few antagonists that were not revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in Exit 9B. According to the credits, their names are Bear Dog, John Dog and Bear Cat.

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