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Trucker Ghosts
Trucker Ghost
Biographical Information
Occupation: Truck Drivers (formerly)
Species: Ghosts
Gender: Male and Female
Show Information
Appears in: "Trucker Hall of Fame"

The three Trucker Ghosts are Trucker Berg, Dog Face, and Huge Marge. Trucker Berg is the red ghost, Dog Face is the blue ghost, and Huge Marge is the violet ghost and only female. They made their first appearance in the episode "Trucker Hall of Fame" and are dead truckers buried in Memorial Hill. They overheard the message one of the Guards made to stop Muscle Man, so they awakened from their memorials and tried to take the urn which held Muscle Dad's hat ashes.


  • Out of all the buried truckers in the memorial, they are the only dead truckers to turn into ghosts.
  • Huge Marge is a reference to Large Marge, a character from the film Pee Wee's Big Adventure who was also the ghost of an old lady trucker.
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