Trash Boat is the twenty-third episode of season three (and sixty-third episode overall) of Regular Show.


Trash Boat must change his name back to Rigby after realizing all the negative attention he has received with his new name.


Rigby is watching a show about a band (Barracuda Deathwish), and on the show The Urge is asked how he became so famous. The Urge replies that it all started when he decided to change his name, which he came up with by combining two random words, "The" and "Urge." Rigby decides to change his name in a similar fashion, and after looking around the room and seeing a pile of trash and a picture of a boat, settles on "Trash Boat."

Later, Rigby asks Mordecai what he would think if he changed his name to Trash Boat. Mordecai tells him that he would think Rigby is a loser, and asks him if he really did it. When Rigby nervously denies it, Mordecai pushes him aside to find what he is holding behind his back: a "Certificate of Name Change," meaning that he is officially Trash Boat. Mordecai goes to tell everyone else and Rigby—now Trash Boat for the rest of the episode—decides that he needs to regain his original name.

Trash Boat goes to the courthouse to change his name back, but finds he needs $50 that he doesn't have to do it. Another man comes and asks to change his name back from Mr. Butt Cheeks to Chad.

Trash Boat returns to the park to look for extra work so he can change his name back, and everyone mocks him for his new name. Benson says that the only work available for him to do is litter duty, and makes him wear a prominent name tag while doing it or he will be fired. When Trash Boat gets fed up, he asks Mordecai to loan him the money, but Mordecai declines, sarcastically saying he only loans money to his friends, and he has only known Trash Boat for one day.

Trash Boat tries to get a second job, but because of his name, no one takes him seriously. His name change has even made the news. He proceeds to go cry in an alley, when a portal opens up and an obese and bald man comes out. The man is The Urge, and he has come back in time to kill Trash Boat because he stole his fame with his incredibly absurd name in a parody of the 1984 film The Terminator. The Urge chases him to the park ignoring the idea to change his name and attacking him with his guitar.  When he gets to the house, Trash Boat explains the situation to Mordecai, who gives him the money he was saving to use on a date with Margaret. The pair head for the courthouse in the cart, with The Urge in pursuit.

Mordecai and Trash Boat barely make it to courthouse, and barricade the door with The Urge trying to break in. Trash Boat—now Rigby again—gets his name change finalized just as The Urge breaks into the courthouse. Now that Rigby's name is back to normal, The Urge finds that there is no need to kill him.

However, as The Urge is leaving, a portal opens up to reveal another British rock star, who wants to kill The Urge for the same reason The Urge wanted to kill Rigby. He proceeds to do so, when another portal transports a third British rock star who wants to kill the one that just killed The Urge, and for the same reason. Multiple portals bearing multiple rock stars open in the courthouse, and a musical battle ensues, while Rigby and Mordecai quietly leave the courthouse. As they are leaving, an explosion from a hand grenade disguised as a maraca results in the destruction of the courthouse. As they walk away, Mordecai tells Rigby to never change his name again.


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