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"Trailer Trashed" is the twenty-seventh episode in season four (and one hundred-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 27, 2013.


Muscle Man tries to save his trailer after it fails a health inspection.


The episode begins with Benson announcing to everyone that a new health inspector will be visiting the Park, to check if everything is healthy and clean around the Park. He arrives and goes through everything. He says The Park is just healthy enough to be approved. However, he goes inside Muscle Man's trailer. He informs everyone he will have to take the trailer to the dump. Muscle Man disagrees, saying it's the third best thing to happen to him since he won it in a hot dog eating contest. Muscle Man begins to cry until Benson chimes in saying that he has 24 hours to clean it since it's the law. The man agrees, and everyone goes inside to see why it's supposedly "un-healthy." They experience what is inside, which includes trash everywhere, and basically a disaster. Pops then notes that everyone can clean it, so it can't be taken to the dump. Shortly after, everyone gets to work and clean everything.

Once they complete it, the trailer looks as good as it did when first obtained by Muscle Man. The inspector arrives and gets some of his henchmen to destroy the things that the employees did to make it look better. This prompts an angered Muscle Man to punch him in the face. To the inspector's anger, he drives away, warning he's coming back with an army. Everyone becomes worried about him bringing an army, but Muscle Man says that they can stand up to them. He calls his brother, John, and tells him to help them bring the truck too. Later, at the dump, the inspector gets his army, and they head to the Park to get the trailer. At the Park, John gets everything loaded into the truck, and everyone has arrived besides Hi Five Ghost.

Muscle Man doesn't worry and explains that things are about to get dangerous, with Thomas asking if they can get overtime instead. Mordecai tells him not to get scared. The inspector and his army arrive and everyone gets into their positions. Muscle Man gets into the truck with John and they drive away. The army goes after Muscle Man, John, Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Pops, and Thomas down the border. Everyone defends the trailer (which is loaded into the truck) but the army becomes stronger and takes out everyone except for Muscle Man and John. The inspector catches up to Muscle Man & John and begins knocking on the window. John is grabbed and pulled out of the window, so Muscle Man steers.

Muscle Man almost reaches the border until he is attacked by the inspector, who reveals himself as Frank Jones, the same person who got runner-up that Muscle Man easily beat for the trailer in the hot dog eating contest by using water to mush hot dogs. Muscle Man gives in and says if he wants it so badly, he can have it. He ties his shirt to the wheel and tears the brake off and jumps out of the truck. Frank scrambles for the trailer in the back of the truck. But he finds it was all a prank, and he falls down the cliff with the truck and dies from the explosion/impact. Everyone arrives and apologizes for not saving the trailer. Muscle Man then explains to the guys that it's still at the Park and Hi-Five Ghost is guarding it. The plan was to have everyone believe they were heading to the border and let the inspector take the bait. John then scrambles out from the bushes, bruised and less injured. The episode ends with John asking where his truck is, making Muscle Man frown.





  • It's revealed that Muscle Man got his trailer by winning it in a hot dog eating contest.
  • When Frank Jones introduces himself at the beginning of the episode, Muscle Man does not recognize him as the runner-up of the hot dog eating contest. However, this could be because he was as bored as everyone else about the inspection and was not listening.
  • Thomas asks if they're receiving overtime for helping Muscle Man. However in a prior episode, Thomas reveals he's an unpaid intern.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The thugs hired by Frank Jones and the hockey mask worn by Frank during his announcement before attacking are similar to Lord Humongous and his gang from the Mad Max series specifically Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.


  • At the part where Pop's car flies in the air during the chase scene, he uses the left gear shift instead of the right, when it was established in the Season Three episode "Crusin" that the right gear allows the car to fly.
  • Hi Five Ghost didn't know how bad Muscle Man's trailer was despite living in there himself.