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Tracy Hashtag
Tracy Hashtag
Biographical Information
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Gorgon
Gender: Female
Hair color: None (white snakes)
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Ali Hillis
Appears in: "New Year's Kiss"

Tracy Hashtag is a female character featured in "New Year's Kiss". She takes Mordecai to the New Year's party in order to make her ex-boyfriend Tommy jealous.


In the coffee shop, Mordecai, Rigby, Hi-Five Ghost, Thomas, and Muscle Man are discussing their New Year's Resolutions. As Mordecai begins telling the guys that he wants to be more forward with women, a girl walks in with her friends and sits down. She starts exchanging glances with Mordecai, who is encouraged by the guys to go talk to her. After a conversation, he comes back to the table revealing that he got her phone number and plans to invite her to the park's masquerade party. Her name is Tracy Hashtag.

When Rigby leaves to use the restroom, he's met by his future self, who tells him to stop Mordecai from kissing the wrong girl at New Years. Mordecai, of course, doesn't believe Rigby and invites Tracy to the party.

At the party, Rigby is worried about the predictions. Fortunately, Mordecai's date with Tracy isn't going well; Mordecai steps away to get some punch and Rigby overhears Tracy telling a friend she's going to kiss Mordecai to make her boyfriend jealous. Rigby explains this to Mordecai, who locks Rigby in the restroom to prevent him from messing up the kiss.

Rigby escapes with the help of his future self just as Tracy and Mordecai inch in to kiss. Rigby tackles Mordecai at the strike of midnight, only to find that "Mordecai" is actually Jeremy, Tracy's ex-boyfriend, who is wearing a mask in the shape of Mordecai's head. Tracy and Tommy have apparently reconciled.


Tracy has white snakes for hair (like Medusa) and black eyes. She wears a pink, long-sleeved dress with a brown belt and carries around a purple handbag. Tracy is considered quite attractive to the park workers.

At the party, Tracy wears a black masquerade mask and a pink, strap-less dress.


Tracy is the stereo-typical snobby, popular girl. She is selfish, only going out with Mordecai to make her ex-boyfriend Tommy jealous. She is also a socialite (perhaps indicative of her surname "Hashtag"), ignoring her date so she can mingle with the other party goers.



Tracy only agrees to go out with Mordecai to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Though Mordecai is at first happy he was more forward in getting her number, he soon realizes that she is only using him.


Tommy is formerly Tracy's ex-boyfriend. He becomes jealous when Tracy arrives at the party with another man. In the end, however, they work things out and are back together. Interestingly enough, Tommy's costume for the party was a blue-jay that bears a striking resemblance to Mordecai.


  • Tracy's design is based on Medusa from Greek Mythology.
  • Tracy's surname, Hashtag, can also be written as the symbol #.


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