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Toby Jones (born March 31)[1] is a former storyboard artist for Regular Show. He is currently the supervising director of OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo.[2]

Early life

His hometown is Fargo, North Dakota.[3] In 1998, as a child, Toby was interviewed on local access television about an "animated series" he made.[4] He would then attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, majoring in Filmmaking, for four years.[5]


He was hired to work on Regular Show in a rather unusual way: a frustrated J.G. Quintel was looking for storyboard artists and desperately made a tweet via his Twitter account, stating "looking for board artists". Jones tweeted back and emailed Quintel via Facebook, interested in doing a storyboard test for the show. Quintel gave him one, and he passed the test.[6]

Jones further elaborates what he did before being hired and how it's like to be on one of his favorite shows: "About six months ago [article was written on May 17, 2012] I was living in Minneapolis [Minnesota] and working at a movie theatre to [barely] make ends meet while devoting my free time to comic and film projects. I was a big fan of Regular Show and never missed an episode. One day I noticed a post on J.G. Quintel’s twitter that said 'I’m searching for board artists for Regular Show. neeeeeed [sic] more [story]board artists' and figured I may as well give it a go. I sent him some samples of my comic and film work and he liked them enough to send me a storyboard test. Then I got the job and moved to LA [Los Angeles, California]! Thank god. To say I’m 'living the dream' would be an understatement. I never imagined I’d get an opportunity to work on any show, let alone one of my absolute favorites."[7]

Jones has stated his biggest challenge is coming up with fresh ideas: "Freshness is extremely important to me when it comes to working [on] the show. It can be tempting to fall into old patterns — ‘That got a laugh five pages ago and I’ll do that again.’ I don’t like doing that ever. I would try something a little weirder or something strange. Sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn’t. But the important thing is freshness!”[8]

His other works includes comics for Memory Foam, Good Minnesotan, Ghost Comics and FORT90.[7] Toby also made a short for Cartoon Network, entitled A.J.'s Infinite Summer.[9]

In 2016, Jones co-produced and developed the Cartoon Network mobile game OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo with creator Ian Jones-Quartey. The following year, it became a full series. He serve as the supervising director on the show.

Boarded episodes

From left to right: Calvin Wong, Benton Connor, James Hong, Hilary Florido, Hellen Jo and Jones

Season Three

  1. "Under the Hood" (with Andres Salaff)
  2. "Skips vs. Technology" (with Calvin Wong)
  3. "Dead at Eight" (with Calvin Wong)
  4. "Trucker Hall of Fame" (with Calvin Wong)
  5. "Out of Commission" (with Calvin Wong)
  6. "Fancy Restaurant" (with Calvin Wong)
  7. "The Best VHS in the World" (with Calvin Wong)

Toby and Calvin being interviewed during a 100th episode behind the scenes commercial

Season Four

  1. "Exit 9B" (with Calvin Wong, Andres Salaff and Madeline Queripel)
  2. "150 Piece Kit" (with Calvin Wong)
  3. "TGI Tuesday" (with Calvin Wong)
  4. "Caveman" (with Calvin Wong)
  5. "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese" (with Calvin Wong)
  6. "Fool Me Twice" (with Calvin Wong)
  7. "Carter and Briggs" (with Calvin Wong)
  8. "The Last Laserdisc Player" (with Calvin Wong)

Season Five

  1. "A Skips in Time" (with Calvin Wong)
  2. "Terror Tales of the Park III" ("Killer Bed" and "Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern"; with Calvin Wong)
  3. "The Thanksgiving Special" (with Benton Connor, Andres Salaff and Calvin Wong)
  4. "Portable Toilet" (with Owen Dennis)
  5. "Bad Portrait" (with Owen Dennis)
  6. "I Like You Hi" (with Owen Dennis)
  7. "Paint Job" (with Owen Dennis)
  8. "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" (with Owen Dennis)

Season Six

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park IV" ("The Hole" and "Unfinished Business"; with Owen Dennis)
  2. "Lift With Your Back" (with Owen Dennis)
  3. "Park Managers' Lunch" (with Owen Dennis)
  4. "Married and Broke" (with Owen Dennis)
  5. "Gamers Never Say Die" (with Owen Dennis)
  6. "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" (with Owen Dennis)
  7. "Not Great Double Date" (with Owen Dennis)

Season Seven

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park V" ("Mr. Boss Man" and "Going Up"; with Owen Dennis)
  2. "The Dome Experiment" - (with Owen Dennis, Minty Lewis, & Ryan Pequin)
  3. "Struck by Lightning" - (with Owen Dennis)
  4. "Hello China" - (with Owen Dennis)
  5. "Chili Cook-Off" - (with Owen Dennis)
  6. "Rigby Goes to Prom" - (with Owen Dennis)
  7. "The Button" - (with Owen Dennis)
  8. "Rigby's Graduation Day Special" (with Owen Dennis, Ryan Requin, & Minty Lewis)

Voice credits

In addition to storyboarding, Jones has also voice acted on the show, providing the voice of the Cart from the episode "Out of Commission", which he also storyboarded with Calvin Wong,[10] using his natural voice.[11] Jones also said that someone more famous was originally going to voice the Cart, but did not specify who.[12]

Season 3

Personal life

Toby and Madeline Queripel together

He resides in Los Angeles, California, dating[13] and living with fellow Regular Show storyboard artist Madeline Queripel,[14] with their dog Willoughby.[15] He has a sister, named Hilary.[16]

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