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S4E30.016 Timmy Mentions There is no LaserDisc Players
Biographical Information
Occupation: TV Store Warehouse employee (formerly)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: brown
Eye color: black
Show Information
Voiced by: Andres Salaff
First appearance: "The Last Laserdisc Player"
Latest appearance: "Chili Cook-Off"

Timmy is a character that appeared in the episode The Last Laserdisc Player. He was first seen working at TV Store Warehouse, where Muscle Man came to him hoping to get a laserdisc player. Timmy then joked around and said that the Library carried it. Timmy is seen again near the end of the episode, claiming that he was almost fired from his job for mocking Muscle man, Mordecai, Rigby and High-five ghost. He was accidentally killed by the Laserdisc Guardian. However somehow he survive the attack.


Timmy is a tall man with brown hair, and he has a faded beard. He also wears a blue shirt.


  • He is extremely similar to Jimmy, as the have similar names, they both worked at TV Store Warehouse, both were friends of Muscle Man, both were fired, and they both were killed near the end of the episode they were first seen in. However he survived.


Season Four

"The Last Laserdisc Player"

Season Six

"Daddy Issues"

"Married and Broke"

"Men in Uniform"

"Garage Door"

"Dumped at the Altar"

Season Seven

"Chili Cook-Off"


"Fun Run"

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