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    16:58, May 10, 2016

    That episode... was weird. Weirder than usual. I mean... what the h*** did I just watch? And Rigby's so... stupid in this episode. He doesn't take responsibility for what he did and Mordecai DOES get mad at him but goes along with it at the end! And BENSON gets the blame?! Ay ay ay! Very enjoyable episode, though. Tim Curry was on good form here.

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    • Oddly enough, this was the very first episode of Regular Show I saw. At first, I was kind of weirded out, mainly because I had never seen anything like cannibalistic hot dogs coming to life before. XD However, after watching the whole episode, I realized that I had laughed more than anything else, especially when the one hot dog started eating itself. (What can I say, I like raunchy humor.) As creeped out as I was, though, I thought the show was pretty funny, and I decided that if it came on the next day, I would consider watching it again. As luck would have it, Ello Gov'nor was being aired as a new episode soon afterward, so I put it on. Not even a minute into it, I began to laugh, and that's when I decided that Regular Show was a worthy program to watch. :)

      I have to agree with you about Rigby being an idiot in Meat Your Maker, though. Sometimes you just can't fix everything! (And besides, why would you try to fix the thermostat with a drumstick, anyway? That shouldn't have seemed like a good idea to anybody.) But that aside, Rigby's childish nature usually ends up causing some sort of disaster, anyway, so I guess he's allowed to be as stupid as he wants. He should have taken responsibility for what he did in the end, however. I felt really bad for all of the other characters, especially Benson. (The poor guy didn't even know what was going on!)

      Yet, on a scale of one to ten when it comes to Regular Show weirdness, I have to give this episode a seven. Although it would be pretty bizarre to meet a cannibalistic bunch of talking hot dogs, getting sprayed by a Wereskunk and meeting up with a giant floating head seem a little more ludicrous to me. XD

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    • This is the ONLY regular show episode that i could really call "lame"

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