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    19:27, May 10, 2016

    Rigby really has a slight trouble relationship with his parents. 

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    • I wish they would have mother and son time and Father and son time with him.

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    • According to The Lunch Club, its mainly because his parents favor Don over him, so its not like he's the only one at fault (ironically, Don and Rigby have no real problem anymore, and in fact Don admired Rigby). Still, his parents do approve of his relationship with him and Eileen, and all the other characters who have problems with their parents were able to work them out and reconcile (see Mordecai, Margaret, CJ, and even Benson), so there is hope.

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    • Rigby and his dad are just similar to Greg Heffley and Frank Heffley Anna and Tess Coleman. I het if they make an episode that Rigby and Sheen switch bodies to see they wouldn't last one in their shoes.

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