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(Episode opens with Thomas watching a Boot Pig video in the computer room. Muscle Man comes in with laundry.)

Muscle Man: Hey, Thomas!

Thomas: Hey, Muscle Man. What's up?

Muscle Man: (throws laundry on Thomas) Make yourself useful by taking my clothes to the drycleaners. And no starch this time. It wreaks havoc on my pepperonis.

Thomas: Oh. Sorry.

Muscle Man: Don't be sorry, be aware!

Thomas: Okay. Thanks, Muscle Man. (Walks into the hall) Aw, man... (Picks up a piece of underwear when he hears Skips in the other room)

Skips: So you wanted to talk to me about Thomas? (Thomas begins listening through the door)

Benson: Yeah. Well, don't get me wrong, Thomas is a good kid. But, man, I've been spending so much time on this internship program!

Skips: Oh, yeah.

Benson: I think we're gonna have to let Thomas go.

Skips: That's a shame. But I can see where you're coming from.

Benson: Yeah. The last thing this park needs is another worker standing around doing nothing all day. That's already Mordecai and Rigby's job, am I right?

Skips: Yeah, I heard that. (Sips coffee)

Benson: Well, I better go find Thomas to give him the bad news.

Thomas: (To his mom) Mom, Benson says he's gonna fire me if I can't make myself useful! What should I - (Benson walks out of the room) - Okay, I'll try. (Turns to Benson) Hey, Benson! How's it going?

Benson: Not great, actually.

Thomas: Well, glad to hear it! As for me, I was just going over all the duties I fulfilled at the Park today.

Benson: Which duties, exactly?

Thomas: Well, for instance, Oh, uh, I put sawdust on the barf around the perimeter of the merry-go-round? And, umm... Stuff like that! You know, duties! You agree that stuff's important, right? You don't want barf in your park, do you?

Benson: Of course not. I'm extremely anti-barf. Still, Thomas, I have some-

(Walkie-talkie transmission)

Mordecai: Bad news! Benson, come in!

Benson: This better be important. I'm in the middle of something.

Mordecai: It's the statue! It's gone!

Benson: What??

(Shows statue is missing)

Benson: (Slams clipboard on ground) Ugh! I can't believe Gene did it again!

Thomas: Wait, who's Gene?

Skips: Gene's the prank obsessed manager from our rival park. Every year, he and his goons steal the statue of Curtis Montgomery, and we have to go recover it.

Thomas: Wait, who's Curtis Montgomery?

Benson: He's the park's founder.

(He shows Thomas a postcard picture of Curtis Montgomery punching a bear in 1851)

Thomas: Huh. So, how can I help?

Benson: Thomas, you're just an intern. You're not necessary in this one. Besides, we already have a backup plan. Suit up, you guys, we're going with Operation Alien Strike Force.

Rigby: Yes! I knew we'd do one of mine eventually.

Thomas: Can I come at least?

Mordecai: Well, we only have enough costumes for the six of us. 

Rigby: Plus, there's no time to brief you and this plan is air tight! You'll just be dead weight.

(Everyone except for Thomas and Benson run off)

Benson: Just go take a seat in my office and wait for me there, okay? I still need to talk to you when we get back.

Thomas: I am necessary. I just need to prove it.

(Scene goes to night time at the park house. Thomas goes onto the roof and takes out a walkie talkie and binoculars.)

Benson Over Walkie Talkie: Alright Muscle Man, go. 

(Scene goes to East Pines Park, Muscle Man runs to the gate.)

Muscle Man: Help, help! I'm stuck! 

(Gene and others run to Muscle Man)

Gene: What's going on here? 

(Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, and High-Five Ghost run over in alien costumes)

Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, and High-Five Ghost in Unison: We are aliens! Surrender to us now!

East Pines Worker: What? Aliens? 

Gene: You blockheads, it's just Benson and his men in cheap costumes! They're trespassing! Fire at will!

(East Pine Workers click tomato shooters and start shooting, Thomas then fires a flare without anyone knowing it was him)

East Pines Worker: It's an UFO! 

Other East Pines Worker: Oh no, more aliens!

(East Pines Workers run into their park, Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost run back into their golf cart and go back, scene cuts to the house, then everyone gathered into Benson's office.)

Benson: We need a better plan to get the statue back. 

Rigby: How about we go in there dressed as zombies?

Benson: No, no more costumes. 

Muscle Man: I say we just demo the supply bunkers. 

Benson: Sounds like a lot of people could get hurt.

Muscle Man: Yeah, that's the point! They shot us with tomatoes!

Thomas: Guys, I have an idea! I could go undercover as an intern and gather information. We'll take them down from the inside!

Benson: Uh, Thomas... no. I didn't want to do this in front of everyone, but, you're fi-

Thomas: (cuts Benson off ) Wait! I know I'm not the most important worker around here and during my internship here, I've gotten to know each of you, and I finally feel like you've accepted me. I don't want to lose that. Please, just give me this one chance to show that I can be a valuable member to this park. Plus, (takes out flare gun) I'm the one who shot that flare that saved you.

Mordecai: Where'd you get that? 

Thomas: My mom works for an in-flight magazine. She gets stuff like this for free.

Muscle Man: Ugh! You see, that's just it, Thomas. You're too much of a mama's boy to pull this off.

(Thomas runs to Muscle Man and knocks him down with a kick move.)

Thomas: Still think I'm a mama's boy?

Muscle Man: Uncle! Uncle!

Benson: Alright, what's your plan?

Thomas: (helps Muscle Man up) Alright, the way I see it, it'll take me 30 days to integrate into the park.

(We are shown Pops and Thomas heading to the rival park on Carmenita.)

Thomas (V.O.): I'll infiltrate the park from the air.

(Pops and Thomas nod at each other before Thomas parachutes out of Carmenita to the ground. He starting walking toward the park, changing into costume. He takes out a piece of paper.)

Thomas (V.O.): I'll forge an intern ID and create a whole new persona. My name will be...

(Cut to a close up of the paper.)

Thomas (V.O.): ...Nicholas.

Thomas: I said, "That's not my landlord, that's my lamblord!

Gene: (laughs and shakes hands) You're alright, kid.

(Day 2.)

Thomas (V.O.): I'll embed myself behind enemy lines and play the role of an East Pines intern.

("Nicholas" and a bunch of other interns get their heads shaved. They are shown standing in line while Gene paces with a grin.)

Thomas (V.O.): I'll gain the other interns' trust by getting them snacks and doing all their work for em'.

(Getting an intern a coffee and asking them to do their walkie talkie job. He then fills up gas for the carts to cover for two other interns. He then cleans the East Pines phone for another intern.)

Thomas (V.O.) Once everyone's comfortable with me, I'll be free to wander the park and get a lay of the land, to figure out where they hid the statue.

("Nicholas" opens the door releasing three chickens coming out, Later "Nicholas" was shoveling as Gene walks in)

Gene: How you liking field work?

Thomas: It's just fine, sir.

Gene: Wanna know a secret? (He gives Thomas a secret and points at the silo and then laughs and so does "Nicholas")

Thomas: Good one sir.

(Gene walks as Thomas snaps the photo of a silo)

(Day 11)

(Thomas jumps inside the observatory and removes the white cloths to see the statue)

(Day 25)

(We see Thomas behind the rock holding a binocular to see the training ground)

Thomas: I won't lie to you, this mission is highly dangerous, If I'm found out they'll almost sure to prank me mercilessly, but for the park I think it's worth it.

(Day 30)

Thomas: I'll keep a close eye on what they do and memorize the schedule, so I can pin point the perfect night to steal the statue. At the end of the 30th night watch for my signal. (Thomas fires a flare gun straight at the sky releasing the flare)

Benson: He pulled it off. Let's go.

(We skip to see the park employees see the box, Benson picked it up to see the East Pines uniform)

Rigby: Look a note! Put these on and meet by the front gate of Gene's park, and hurry, there isn't much time.

(The gang in their East Pine uniforms run out of the bush to see the East Pine van, Thomas opens the back door of the van)

Thomas: Let's go get us a statue. (They drive to the East Pines Park) Alright, Gene and his men are at the Park Managers Formal. That should give us about an hour to retrieve the statue and get out.

Benson: Nobody invited me to the park managers formal!

(He turns the van to the left in front of the gate)

Thomas: Shh, quiet, we're here.

(The gate opens Thomas starts the van then stops to talk to one of the East Pine worker)

Jeff: Nicholas, what are you doing? Interns's lights out at nine P.M. and you know that.

Thomas: Yeah, well you know, the boss had me out running errands. It's always something, right?

Jeff: Heh, you can say that again, you have a good night.

Thomas: You do the same boss.

(The van droves off Thomas checks the mirror view see the guard closing the gate)

Benson: I still can't believe that they didn't invite me to the park managers formal!

Muscle Man: You need to work on your networking skills bro.

(Thomas pulls the van over next the observatory, and we cut the scene to see Thomas pulls a tree branch placing it on the van full of tree branch).

Thomas: Alright, you three stay here and wait for my signal, the rest of you follow me.

(Thomas, Mordecai, Skips, Benson and Muscle Man run to the silo as Thomas throws the rope hook on top of the window of the observatory)

Thomas: The statue is in the silo, (They climb all the way on top) And the only way is through the top.

Jeff: Full house baby, read em and weep.

Guard #2: Aw come on man! I'm gonna go prank the interns.

Jeff: Alright, better luck next time.

(Guard #2 walks outside with the flashlight, next we see the gang are inside the silo where the statue is, then the East Pine workers sleeping in their beds then Guard #2 opens the door, holding a garbage lid and a spoon he hits the spoon with a garbage lid waking the workers up)

Guard #2: Rise and shine ladies! (Laughs) Yeah heh heh, I just pranked you guys good.

(The Guard #2 walks next to "Nicholas bed and discovers it's not him)

Guard #2: Oh no!

(We cut to see the park managers formal with all park managers dancing with their girls, Gene was seen dancing with his girlfriend and suddenly his phone rings)

Gene: I'm sorry sweetie, just give me a minute will ya. (He picks up his phone) I told you not to call me tonight!

Guard #2: Sir, it's Nicholas!

(Gene was shock he went back to the park fast, removes the covers to see it's not Nicholas it was just a bunch of pillows and a basketball attached with two toilet paper rolls)

Gene: Oh my!

(We skip to see Muscle Man riding a moving vehicle and carries the statue, the gang push the statue safety and almost fall down).

Muscle Man: I got it, I got it.

(He drives the moving vehicle with statue)

Thomas: We gotta hurry! He'll be back any minute.

(Thomas opens the door and we see Gene and men are here)

Gene: You almost had me fooled, Nicholas.

(The guys shocked)

Benson: It's our statue Gene.

Gene: As long as it's in my park it's my statue, maybe I should just call some back up to teach you that lesson.

(He picks up a device)

Thomas: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Gene: No intern tells me what to do!

Thomas: I'm not your intern, I'm their intern.

Gene: Hmph. Touching.

(He press the red button, which explodes the barrels)

Thomas: Come on, let's go! (They jump on the moving vehicle with the statue and takes off, they made it towards the van) Just get in the truck and stay down!

(They put the statue inside the van and Thomas accelerate the van)

Gene: Get to the golf carts!

(They run to their carts Guard #2 try to drive but suddenly it's not moving)

Guard #2: There is no gas on these things!

Gene: What?!

(Thomas stops at the gate)

Thomas: Play it cool, Muscle Man.

Gene: Give me your walkie talkie, Jeff! Come in Jeff. (He looks behind his walkie talkie and finds out there are no batteries) There's no batteries in here!

Intern: There's no batteries in mine either, sir.

Gene: We're gonna have to use the emergency phone.

(Cuts to Gate)(Jeff walks in and turns on his flashlight)

Jeff: Nicholas what are you doing out again, and who's this?

Muscle Man: Uh... I... uh?

Thomas: He's the maintenance guy from this morning, and Gene just called me and asked me to give him a lift home. It's always something, right?

Muscle Man: Yeah, it's always something, right?

Jeff: You have to verify this with Gene cause this is the first I'm hearing this. (He picks up a Walkie Talkie) Gene, this is Jeff, coming over.

Rigby: He knows!

(Mordecai punches Rigby. We cut to the scene to see Gene opens the Emergency Phone and picks up)

Gene: This is Gene calling all personnel, hello? (He finds out the wire on the phone is cut off) Wait a minute.

(Gene started to remember in his flashback, Thomas was seen cutting wire of the emergency phone off with a knife, he was then seen putting batteries in the walkie talkie then throws the batteries on the floor, next he use the knife cutting the wires of on one of the East Pines cart. After the flashback ends Gene drop the phone and smash into pieces on the floor and screams Nicholas)

Gene: NICHOLAS!!!!!!!!!

Jeff: Hello Gene? Uh he's not answering.

Thomas: Look the guys tried he's been working all day, just let me take him back and I'll explain to Gene later.

Jeff: Nah... There's something funny going on here. I want both of you step out of the vehicle right now.

Rigby: Forget the statue and let's get out of here.

Jeff: (He picks up the gun) What was that?!

Thomas: What was what?

Jeff: I heard something.

Thomas: I don't know what you're talking about? Just let me call Gene on my phone and he'll verify this.

Jeff: Alright, go ahead, but don't try anything funny.

Mordecai: (whispers) What's he doing? It's not gonna work!

(Gene and his men are seen running after the van, then Thomas picks up his phone)

Thomas: Hey Gene, it's Nicholas requesting clearance for the maintenance guy (giggles) Yeah, he's being difficult. (to Jeff) Here he is.

(He shows his phone to Jeff.)

Gene on Thomas' Phone: Let him through, you blockhead!

Jeff: Oh uh.. I'm sorry sir, my mistake.

(Jeff runs in park gate presses the red button and opens the gate)

Gene: Stop! Stop! Don't let them through!

Mordecai: It's Gene!

Jeff: Oh no!

(Jeff presses the red button again trying to close the gate but Thomas accelerates the van passing through the gate as the guys scream except Thomas the van get few scratches from the gate closing as Jeff watches Gene and his men running.)

Gene: No!

(Gene and his men try to get to the van but are too late as it already got out and they get away with the statue as Gene kneels on the ground.)

Gene: NICHOLAS!!!!!!!!!

(We cut the scene to see the tow truck lowing the statue back we're it belongs as the guys cheer.)

Benson: (Sighs) Sit tight, Curtis Montgomery, you're safe at home, I'm sorry I doubted you. Thomas.

Thomas: Ah. Don't worry about it.

Rigby: How did you do that when Gene answered your phone call?

Thomas: Oh, I had his voice recorded from earlier.

(He picks up his phone and plays the voice again)

Gene: "Let him through, you blockhead!"

Skips: Impressive.

Muscle Man: Pretty cool, but you'll always be a momma's boy to me.

(Thomas does his fighting stance again. Muscle Man squeals and then everyone laughs as Thomas' phone rings.)

Thomas: Alright guys, I gotta get this. See ya later.

(The guys say bye to Thomas as he answers the phone)

Thomas: Hey Mom, good news. They want me to stay at the park. Yep, mission accomplished.

(Episode Ends)