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This article is about Death's son. If you're looking for the park worker, see Thomas.

Thomas is a minor character in Regular Show. He made his first appearance in the Season 3 episode "Dead at Eight".


Like his father, Thomas is cruel, violent, and sadistic, showing pleasure in other's pain and suffering. He also enjoys pretty much anything that involves violence, such as a demonic death-worm. 

Aside from this, he is incredibly obnoxious and rude, being incredibly ungrateful for Mordecai and Rigby taking care of him, and wishing them pain when his parents arrive.

Despite this, Thomas is still a child at heart. He enjoys playing with toys, eating cookies, and having stories read to him. He also clearly loves his parents dearly. 


Thomas is a short, demon-like figure who is over 300 years old, pretending to be 8 months. He wears periwinkle footie pyjamas and has sharp fangs. He also has creamish-yellow eyes.

Alignment: Bad


In the episode "Dead at Eight", Mordecai and Rigby are forced to babysit him, in exchange for Death saving Muscle Man's life. He is shown to be obnoxious and rude, disobeying Mordecai and Rigby, constantly refusing to go to bed. After shamelessly tricking Mordecai and Rigby into releasing a Soul-Sucking Death Worm, he begins to laugh as it nearly kills the duo. At the end of the episode, a chandelier falls on his head, knocking him out, causing his parents to think he was asleep.

Episode Appearances


  • Thomas likes a specific book about a Soul-Sucking Death Worm.
  • Unlike his parents, he has a deep demon-like voice.
  • He loves cookies and sugar.
  • In the episode "Play Date", it was revealed that Thomas was going through a phase. This "phase" involved him being able to shoot red lasers from his eyes and throwing temper tantrums that caused everything around him to be destroyed. 
  • Despite acting like a toddler around his parents, Thomas does not seem to like being patronized. 
  • He shares a similar appearance and personality to Stewie Griffin from Family Guy
  • When Thomas is revealed to be 300 years old, he also reveals that his parents have absolutely no idea about this. It is strange that his parents would not know his age. This is piece of information may indicate that Thomas is adopted or that the aging in demons is completely different from humans and he may have manipulated his parents.