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"This is My Jam" is the thirteenth episode in Season Two (and the twenty-fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 28, 2011.


Rigby gets an endless song from his youth stuck in his head, and eventually becomes possessed by it.


Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning the gutter of the house and Mordecai wanted the gloves because his hands were the one's getting dirty, but Rigby said that he won the gloves when they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. When Rigby hoses off the leaves, he finds an old cassette tape. At first, Mordecai wants to see how far he can throw it, but Rigby wants see what band it is. Mordecai rubs the dirt off and the tape says Solid Bold, alongside the song ("Summertime Loving, Loving in the Summer (Time)"). Rigby wants to listen to it because it was his favorite song when he was younger, or his "jam", but Mordecai says the song sucks. Rigby said that Mordecai enjoyed it too, but only back in junior high school, but Rigby still wants to listen to it so Mordecai agrees (he only listens to it just so he can take a break). But Mordecai quickly can't stand the song and Rigby likes it at first, but then he dislikes it later and ejects the tape off and throws it to the garbage can.

Mordecai and Rigby then go off to have lunch, but Rigby starts singing the song without him knowing it. As the day goes on, Rigby keeps singing the song, constantly annoying Mordecai. Mordecai can't stand it anymore, so he decides that he should listen to the band called "Brain Explosion" but the song puts Rigby to sleep. Then he thinks that if they listen to the song some more, the song will eventually drain out of Rigby's head. Mordecai still can't stand the song and leaves the room quickly, leaving Rigby having to listen to the song over and over.

Eventually, when Mordecai comes back, Rigby says the song is still stuck in his head. Mordecai tries to think of another plan that Rigby should listen to loud objects, but it doesn't work. Then while Mordecai starts thinking of another plan, he hears the Summertime song and tells Rigby to stop playing the tape, but he turns around and learns the fact that he is levitating from the ground, waves pouring from his mouth, as though he were possessed to sing the song. Mordecai eventually goes to Skips for help. Skips punches Rigby into a wall to see if it will get out of his head, but Rigby says that it didn't work. Skips proclaims he can do nothing in a situation like this so said that Rigby should sleep it off. While Rigby sleeps, he dreams he is being attacked by the Summertime song, but he then gets the tape literally out of his head, and then wakes up and finds out that the song is no longer in his head.

Happy that the song is no longer in his head, Rigby goes to Mordecai and shakes him awake, telling him that he can no longer hear the song. Mordecai was glad that "Summertime Loving" was out of Rigby's head and they never have to listen to it again. But the situation has actually gotten worse. As the song did leave Rigby's head, it manifested itself into a physical form, taking the form of a giant cassette tape with arms and legs and big, red sunglasses singing the Summertime song. Mordecai thinks that if they ignore the song, it will probably get sick of them and leave. But the song doesn't go away, and goes on scaring the people in park, even annoying the park crew and aggravating Benson enough, as he and the groundskeepers leave in anger and annoyance.

Finally, Mordecai and Rigby can't take it anymore, and decide that they should write an even more cheesy, catchy, and repetitive song to get rid of it. Mordecai and Rigby ask Pops to distract it. Out in the garage, they come up with the lyrics and Skips appears with his bass. Mordecai asks Skips how he knew they were writing a song to get rid of the summertime song. Skips says he knows everything, but he was in the bathroom and overheard them talking about it. Mordecai decides to play guitar, Rigby decides to play tambourine, Skips plays bass, Pops plays keyboard, and Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost play trumpet. As the gang starts playing their song (Aw, Snap), they start losing against the Summertime Lovin' song because of its catchier tune. Eventually, Benson arrives to help and shows his amazing skills as a drummer, giving the group "a beat" and more strength. Their "Aw, Snap" song outmatches the Summertime song and it blows up due to extreme pressure. As the gang celebrates their victory, they learn the horrible fact that Rigby now has "Aw, Snap!" stuck in his head, much to their dismay and horror.






  • Mordecai actually liked the Summertime song when he was in Junior High until he realized how lame it was.
  • Benson is revealed to be a great Drummer, this is further explored in "150 Piece Kit".
  • Muscle Man is revealed to play the trumpet.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.518 million views.