After, Skips begins eating the wings, his body looks like it would fail him. With three wings remaining, he enters a subconscious state. When he opens his eyes, he is in an inferno-likeplace.

He hears the chanting of  "Zingo!" by three live chicken wings, dubbed the "Zingos". Skips decides to fight his way out, and he throws the leader Zingo down the river. He beats the first two Zingos, who revert to the regular wings and he eats them. He jumps down on the platform and gets in a headlock with the leader, who tells him this is his biggest failure since Desdemona.

Enraged, Skips lifts him up and sends him in the waterfall. Eating the last wing as the rain comes, he shouts a triumphant "Zingo" and wakes up eating the final wing while being cooled with lemonade.

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