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The Wickets
The Wickets
Biographical Information
Home: 7th Street
Occupation: Street Gang
Species: Humans
Gender: Boys: 6 Girls: 1
Show Information
Appears in: "Picking Up Margaret"

The Wickets are a street gang who are named for their obsession with Croquet. This street gang has only appeared in the episode "Picking Up Margaret."


Their "turf" is 7th Street, and they strictly hate cell phones because they're "rude". Mordecai accidentally entered their turf on his way to pick up Margaret to drop her off at the airport. Mordecai kept on using his cell phone, unaware that he wasn't out of their turf yet. Raymond the Mechanic used his flamethrower to back them away, giving Mordecai time to escape in Benson's car. When Mordecai finally picked up Margaret, she told him that her flight was leaving sooner than she had anticipated. The Wickets soon caught up and began attacking the car, but Mordecai managed to shake them off. Two of them crashed into a box. Two others bumped into a wooden wall and were smashed to death and fell to their death. The last three, including their leader, met their ironic ends by crashing their car into a cell phone billboard and exploding.

The members of the Wickets' character design was inspired from various characters of the movie "The Warriors." The female member's design is instead inspired by the movie "Back to the Future: Part 2".

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