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"The Unicorns Have Got to Go" is the eighth episode in season one of Regular Show. It first aired on October 25, 2010.


Mordecai accidentally attracts a group of unicorns after using a bottle of cologne.


At the Coffee Shop, Margaret serves coffee to Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai is smitten by her (as usual), but Rigby tells him that she means nothing. Just then, the TV shows a commercial for a cologne that can attract women, called Dude Time.

Mordecai decides to get the cologne to get Margaret, but Rigby refuses to let him get it because they are supposed to play Strong Johns (a new video game) together. After having an argument, Mordecai decides to buy the cologne, and puts it on in the park. Rigby comes and tells Mordecai that it'll never work, which is proven when Pops appears, but runs away from the smell of the cologne, so Mordecai irritably convinces Rigby that Pops is not the one whom he's trying to attract. After Mordecai puts on more of the cologne, a bunch of frat-boy Unicorns come and explain "You don't use Dude Time to get the ladies, you use it to hang out with the bros!"

Mordecai gets mad, but the leader of the Unicorns tells Mordecai that he's "Pretty cool for letting [them] borrow some of his Dude Time," and agrees to help him attract Margaret. They first prank Mordecai by making him drink unicorn "slump," but tell him they were just having a little fun; Rigby agrees with them, but then Mordecai punches him and the two begin to fight. The unicorns break them up, and say that they won't pull pranks on Mordecai. They then told Mordecai to gel his hair back, and "lay it down" for Margaret. He goes into the coffee shop and tells Margaret "I'm here to... lay it down." She just gets confused, and Mordecai leaves the coffee shop, worse off than before.

The Unicorns say the solution to the problem is "Partying at your place!" Inside the house, one of the unicorns pushes Mordecai down; even worse, Rigby pretends to help him, but psyches him out at the last minute, saying "Why don't you ask Margaret to help you?" Mordecai has enough, and tells Rigby to have fun with his new "friends," because Benson will fire Rigby when he finds out about the party. Mordecai then walk out and leaves Rigby to deal with his new "friends." During the party, Rigby finds Benson tied up and gagged and upset, and one of the Unicorns eats his gumballs. Another unicorn destroys Rigby's bed (which is a small trampoline). The unicorns then spray soda into Rigby's face and all of them end up farting on him.

Rigby goes to Mordecai and begs for help, but Mordecai tells him to ask his new "friends" for help; then, Rigby says that if they played the video game earlier, none of this would have happened. Mordecai says that he was sorry about the video game, but that it doesn't give Rigby the right to treat him like garbage, so Rigby apologizes numerous times, and is on the brink of tears by the end, asking if that was what he wanted to hear. Then Rigby yells "I miss you!" to him. Mordecai finally agrees to help him. Mordecai punches Rigby for psyching him. They go to Skips, who already knows about the Unicorn problem (because they peed on his lawn) and he agrees to help them. He tells Mordecai and Rigby that there's one thing Unicorns never say no to: Drag Racing.

They host a drag race, with the unicorns in a Top-Fuel Dragster, and Mordecai and Rigby driving the golf-cart. As the race begins, the unicorns speed away. Skips press a button which releases a ramp in the Unicorns' path, which sends them flying into the sky; Benson then presses another button, which blows up the Unicorns' car, and explains that it's the only way to get rid of them. He then hoses Mordecai and Rigby down as their punishment, and orders them to clean up all the mess, or he'll make them wish they were the ones driving the Unicorns' car. He then tells Mordecai to quit spraying that cologne, and it won't get him any ladies. He asked them to clean up in time and called them idiots. Rigby then asks, "Strong Johns?" and Mordecai says, "Yeah."






  • This episode was banned in Poland, Romania and Hungary.
    • This episode was also banned in Turkey in reruns.
    • The Polish dub of the episode premiered on February 3rd, 2024 on Netflix Poland.

Episode Connections[]

  • The Unicorns later made a reappearance in the No Rules Land. [1]
  • Despite being aired one month later, Mordecai recalled this scene when remembering all the times he had punched Rigby.[2]
    • This episode was produced earlier in the series than "Death Punchies". The shot taken from this episode is also tinted with lighter colors to give the impression that the scene takes place during the daytime.

Pop Culture References[]

  • One of the Unicorns is wearing clothes similar to Alex's "Droog" clothes from the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange".
  • The scene when Mordecai put gel on his hair is a reference of the hair scene from the 1998 film "There's Something About Mary".

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.417 million views worldwide.


  • When Rigby leaves the Coffee Shop in the first scene, no food is shown through the front register. However, when Mordecai enters with his slick hair, various food appears.
  • The table, which two of the Unicorns destroy in a fight, disappears after Mordecai is knocked on the ground by the Unicorn Leader.
  • The food and drink contents from earlier in the scene also disappear.
  • In Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom door, the cupboard door is positioned on Rigby's side of the room, despite it being positioned towards the front of Mordecai's bed throughout most of the show.
  • In the cupboard scene, the piercings on the nipples on one of the Unicorns disappear but return when Benson's gumball dispenser is opened.
  • When Rigby is surrounded by the unicorns and stuck walking into their farts, there are two copies of Unicorn #2 (who resembles Alex from "A Clockwork Orange")
  • Pops, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost disappears at some point during the drag race.

Alternate Versions[]


  • The flashback of the unicorns "knowing all about the ladies" is cut.
  • Benson's line, "You two morons had better get this mess cleaned up..." is changed to, "You two idiots had better get this mess cleaned up..."
    • It is worth noting that this line was not re-dubbed, and instead just reuses the same word from the previous line: "I can't believe you idiots let those unicorns in here."
  • The following was cut on the Region 2 DVD:

    Rigby: "How did you know?"
    Skips: "They peed on my lawn."