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The Seer is a minor character of Regular Show who made her debut in the Season Eight episode "Meet the Seer".


The Seer appears to be a middle-aged black woman with white hair and circular glasses, wearing a black suit. She sits in a room filled with TVs (just as The Architect in the Matrix franchise,) which she uses to watch the lives of every living being in the universe.


The Seer is very calm and collected; endless lifetimes of experience make her essentially omnipotent. She is also patient and kind, having no qualms with helping the park crew.


The Seer was first mentioned in No Train No Gain, and appears for the first and last time in Meet the Seer.


  • She based off various characters from the The Matrix franchise, including The Oracle, Morpheus, and The Architect.
  • She has lived countless lifetimes in countless recreations of the universe.
  • She speaks as if she knows that the characters from Regular Show are in a show. She mentions the performance of the series throughout various points (in terms of ratings and viewers), and even that they had lasted "longer than most," and that "all things must come to an end," referring to the upcoming show finale and final episode. As such, her existence is an enormous fourth wall break for the entire series.
  • She lives on Planet Neilsen, further solidifying the idea that she knows "Regular Show" is a TV show, controlled by ratings.
  • When Pops asks if he has to fight Anti-Pops, she answers that, "Sometimes doing something different makes all the difference. But then again, everyone loves reruns." The reruns comment once again solidifies that she knows the true nature of "Regular Show."
  • She thought CJ was better for Mordecai than Margaret.
  • She reveals that the final battle between Pops and Anti-Pops will take place "where it all began:" on Pops' favorite (and home) planet, Lolliland.