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"The Parkie Awards" is the second episode in Season 7 (and one hundred and eighty third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 6, 2015.


When Benson does not win an award for "Park Manager of the Year", the others try to make him feel better.


The episode starts off at the center for The Annual Parkie Awards, a place where parks from all over are awarded for their quality. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips, Pops, High-Five Ghost, and Benson are there, hoping Benson will win the title of Park Manager of the Year. First, a TV showing a slideshow of deceased park members plays for everyone to remember. Then, the winner of the Park Manager of the Year is announced. To their disappointment, Gene wins the title, and receives a shiny trophy. Gene brags about how he's won many times, and that he has many other trophies. At first, Benson tries to tell himself that it's an honor to even be nominated, but he soon starts to feel jealous that he didn't win.

On the ride back to the park, Skips and Muscle Man offer to take Benson for a guys' night out, but Benson refuses, saying it's for winners only. That's when Rigby reveals a trophy - one he stole from Gene when he won the award. When an enraged Benson asks Rigby why he stole the trophy, he tries to justify the action saying that it would make Benson feel better, and that Gene didn't want it anyway. Benson takes the stolen trophy from Rigby and calls Gene to tell him that they have it, but Gene doesn't answer the phone. Benson leaves a message and declares that they can still have some fun while waiting for Gene to call back, so Benson and all the park workers go to Wing Kingdom, table gaming, concert performing, and many other fun things throughout the night.

After that, they sit atop a mountain, and Benson explains how much fun he's had with the guys. He says that he had written something good about all his employees in his winning speech for the Parkie Awards, but he'll never get to say it because he didn't win. Then Muscle Man has an idea. They all go to the empty Parkie Awards Center (after it's closed), a security guard lets them in, and Benson gets on stage to say his speech in front of the park workers, his only audience. Just then, the lights mysteriously go out, and a green laser flies from the microphone to the TV. The TV glows green, flashes, and the ghosts of deceased park members come to life. They angrily ask Benson why he is giving a speech, since at least he's still alive, and not dead like them. Then, one of the ghosts, a ranger who died from quicksand, attacks Benson and tries to take the microphone away from him. That's when Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips, Pops, and High-Five Ghost attack the ghosts, and a huge fight between the park workers and the ghosts begin. Benson then picks up the microphone and tells everyone to stop, saying that all the ghosts are fighting for the same thing: to be appreciated. Benson suggests they stop fighting and get along. Happily, the four ghosts make their speech, and leave satisfied. Then Benson makes his speech.

Gene suddenly comes out of a closet, saying that he got Benson's message, and figured he would find him in the Parkie Awards building. Benson returns the trophy to Gene, and Gene thanks him, saying that he hopes Benson didn't take a photo with it, because urban legend says that anyone who does will never win a Parkie Award again. Benson is worried, since he did take a photo with it, but Gene says it's probably just a myth, and leaves in a private limo. Benson, saddened by the urban legend, leaves the Parkie Awards Center with the rest of the park workers.

When the arrive back at The Park, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips, Pops, and High-Five Ghost, award Benson with their very own award and paper trophy. Grateful, Benson makes a small speech, explaining how much he appreciates his staff workers.


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Episode Connections

  • Gene has the same formal appearance he had in "Thomas Fights Back".
  • Benson shows off his stick hockey skills during the guys' night out like he did in "Stick Hockey".
  • The mountain where Benson announces that he has a speech is Make-Out Mountain from "Meteor Moves."
  • Gene mentions that he'll see Benson at the next park lodge meeting callbacks to when Benson was accepted into the "Park Managers Lodge" from "Park Managers' Lunch".

Production Notes

  • This is storyboard artist Alex Cline first episode and working with Madeline Queripel.


  • When they show a photo of Benson and the others waterskiing, the photo is taken during the day despite the fact the majority of the episode takes place during nighttime.
    • It is unknown whether it could have been a pretend shot.