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"The Night Owl" is the twenty-second episode of Season Two (and thirty-fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 30, 2011.


Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are frozen in time for thousands of years while in a competition for a Dodge Challenger. A radio station host known as the Night Owl fools them into competing against each other for the car when he realizes they were going to share it.


Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost are drinking soda and listening to the radio where they suddenly hear a broadcast from the Night Owl, who says that there is a contest where anyone could win a vintage Dodge Challenger if they are the last person standing on a local billboard. The guys decide to work together to win the car and hitch a tent on the billboard; they then work together to get the other contestants off through various methods.

Their plan works, and they end up as the final four. Unfortunately, the Night Owl refuses to allow them to share the car, so he tricks them by telling each one that the others are planning to take the car for themselves. As they start fighting, the Night Owl puts a tube inside their tent and fills it up with liquid nitrogen, freezing the four of them so the competition can continue until he is famous. The contest goes on for thousands of years, during which time the world around the billboard changes dramatically.

Finally, the liquid nitrogen melts and frees them; they learn that they are in the year 4224 A.D. and that they are inside a display case with the billboard, and the car. After some arguing, they realize that the Night Owl has lied to them. A security guard catches them free and attempts to prevent them from escaping, but they hot-wire the car to activate and escape by crashing through the display case. They are subsequently pursued by multiple security guards. Muscle Man has the idea to use a time machine, which he says must exist because they are in the future. Mordecai is skeptical, but soon they find a map which says that the time machine exhibit is less than a mile away. They manage to get away from the security guards and reach the exhibit, only to find the Night Owl, who has survived for millennia by keeping his head inside an owl-like robot. They defeat the Night Owl by knocking over his robot body, causing his head to crash through the glass chamber keeping it alive, and use the time machine to get back to the first day of the contest.

The contest has not yet started, and the four crash through the billboard and onto the new car as the Night Owl talks to himself about his plan. He complains that the four will have to pay for the damage, but Muscle Man just punches him in the face and knocks him unconscious, saying it was for "freezing us on purpose." As they are walking back to the park, Rigby says that he hopes that they don't run into their past selves, but Mordecai assures him that they can't exist with themselves in any given moment in time, to which Rigby replies "Oh, okay. I guess that make sense." Muscle Man then jokingly replies that if it did work that way, they could always fight to the death with each of their copies, to which they all start laughing. Their past selves, unseen by the original four, watch in shock as the episode ends.


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  • Muscle Man's quotes "Frickin' Sweet!", "Let's do this babies!", and "Working together baby!", were reused in "Ride 'Em Rigby".
  • When the gang drives past an exhibit of their house, Benson appears on a TV screen and says “I always knew those guys were special,” meaning that either Benson was interviewed by the Night Owl or his soul was put into that TV.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The episode is a pun on the Futurama pilot episode, Space Pilot 3000.


  • The Night Owl tells Muscle Man that Mordecai is planning to keep the car for himself, however, in the future Muscle Man says that the Night Owl told him that Rigby was planning to do it.
    • Plus, Hi-Five Ghost was the one the Night Owl told that Rigby was planning to keep the car for himself, however, in the future Rigby says that the Night Owl told him that Hi-Five Ghost was planning to do it.
  • When the guys huddle up to discuss their plan, Muscle Man is sleeveless despite not being shown taking off his shirt.

Alternate Versions[]


  • Muscle Man saying "I can't wait to shove a key into that!" was changed to "I can't wait to peel doughnuts in that sweet piece!"
  • The scene of Muscle Man telling everyone that they need to find a time machine was zoomed in.


  • "If a car was a girl, would you take her on a date and try to get to second base?" was cut.
  • Muscle Man pretending to stab Mordecai to scare away one of the contestants was cut.
  • "That jerk!" was cut.
  • The close-up of the liquid nitrogen can was zoomed in, to only include the word "Liquid".
    • Although the written word "nitrogen" was censored, The Night Owl's remark at the end regarding liquid nitrogen wasn't censored.
  • The officer breaking the car window was cut.
  • "Jerkface" was removed from the line "Hey, get out of the way, jerkface!".