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The Meat Locker
Meat locker
A meat locker under the house

First Appearance

"Meat Your Maker"

Latest Appearance

"One Space Day at a Time"

Row Three Title




The Meat Locker is the enormous meat storage area in the basement of The Park. It first appeared in the episode, "Meat Your Maker". The meat locker was where Rigby initially found the talking hot dogs. The food in the meat locker looks like it has been in there for a while, and has not been eaten. It might even be months old. Mordecai hates going down to the meat locker, but Rigby got them both locked down there when he tried to hold the door open with bags of ice. He even broke the thermostat with a drumstick when he tried to warm it up and caused Mordecai to become unconscious and nearly die of hypothermia.

It was also seen in in the episode, "Caveman" and is where Gregg led all of the cavemen. After that, Gregg decided to give up being civilized to be back with Diane, the girl he loved, and froze himself in the meat locker along with all of the other cavemen. It appears that they added a new thermostat where you just simply turn the temperature colder or hotter with the flip of a switch.