"The Lunch Club"
Season 7, Episode 3
Production code: 703
Premiere date: August 13, 2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Lunch Club" is the third episode in Season 7 (and one hundred and eighty forth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 13, 2015.


Mr Maellard plans a huge brunch party, but when Rigby destroys the super expensive dessert, Benson or Rigby must write a resignation letter.


When Rigby ruins Maellard's fancy lunch, either he or Benson must write a letter of resignation. Rigby blames Benson for "mismanaging" him. Benson blames Rigby for destroying the dessert. Rigby takes out a box of hot wings and decides to eat them cold. Benson reluctantly grabbed the box and snuck into the kitchen to cook them, after they cooked the wings, they snuck back to Benson's office. They decide to have some fun. In the end, they both resign. Leaving Maellard an insulting note. Maellard was unable to read it so he handed it to Pops. Pops lied and said that it was a nice note. To make sure Maellard doesn't find out otherwise, he eats the note. Maellard decides to not fire any of them.


S7E03 The Lunch Club Credits


  • This is Mordecai's first minor role, as he only appears in one scene and is in another as a cameo.
    • He only has three lines in this episode.
  • Benson's father is mentioned at the beginning of the episode and has a non-speaking role at the end where he picks up Benson.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Mr. Maellard has bad vision.
  • In the United Kingdom version of the episode, the word "fart" in Rigby's letter was replaced with "man".


  • This episode shows that both Benson and Rigby sign the letter of resignation , and at the end, they leave the park forever, but instead in the episode after this they are both back at the park with no explanation what so ever. But since Pops lied about the letter, it may be the reason for their return.

Cultural References

  • This episode plot and title is a parody of the 1985 comedy-drama, The Breakfast Club.
    • The final scene has Rigby crossing across a gridiron with his fist in the air while the music similar to the song Don't You (Forget About Me), (which was used in Fuzzy Dice) is a parody of the ending of the film. Where John raises his fist in the air after the narration is done, and then a freeze frame happens while the song is playing.
    • The letter they write at the end is also slightly similar.
    • The scene where Benson and Rigby sneak food behind Mr. Maellard's back is similar to a scene from the film as well.
    • The episode title is similar to the film's original title, The Lunch Bunch.