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"The Longest Weekend" is the twelfth episode in Season 4 (and ninety-first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 21, 2013.


Muscle Man tries not to contact Starla for an entire weekend.


The scene starts with Muscle Man, Starla, Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen, in a movie theater. They are watching a seemingly cheesy movie called "The Longest Weekend". Only the girls like it while the guys think it's cheesy and lame. It ends, and they are seen again on the street. Starla wonders if they are 'taking their love for granted' and 'when they're too close, there's no space between them for love to grow'. After talking it over, Starla decides that she thinks that she and Muscle Man should spend a weekend without seeing each other, to "prove their love" and if he calls her, she will dump him.

After agreeing with this, the guys go off in one direction, while the girls go in another. Muscle Man brags about it going to be eaiser not be able to contact Starla for the weekend. In his trailer, Muscle Man is watching a show about monster truck couples. It only makes him think of Starla more than he tries other things like a comic book, and chicken wings, but it makes him remind him of Starla even more and is freaked out because the objects in his house and surroundings are covered with Starla's face asking why Muscle Man hasn't called her and that she misses him. Muscle Man runs out of his trailer in fear and sees the guys (Mordecai, Rigby and Hi Five Ghost) and ask them to help him stay away from Starla, which they all agree to. Muscle Man tries to find ways to contact Starla, but Mordecai and Rigby throw them all away before Muscle Man can contact Starla (besides Benson's computer).

At the Coffee Shop, Starla is wondering why Muscle Man isn't calling her. Margaret reminded her that if Muscle Man did call her she would dump him, but it turns out Starla didn't actually mean it. Starla says that Muscle Man should know the difference between Starla meaning things and not meaning things. Margaret says that there is no way that Muscle Man would tell what Starla is thinking. But Starla refuses to give up by not calling Muscle Man because it is a 'test of their love'.

Back at the park, the guys are all playing 'Go Fish', but Muscle Man quits and goes back into his trailer. Mordecai receives a call from Margaret and they both talk about how Starla and Muscle Man are. They both agree that it's dumb and Margaret says "if two people like each other, they should just be together". After embarrassing himself by talking about him and Margaret being together, Mordecai tells her he'd see her at midnight and hangs up. Mordecai, Rigby and High Five Ghost check how Muscle Man is doing in his trailer, but reveals that he has gone. But Muscle Man is trying to get out of the window (who is calling for Starla), but is pulled back in by the guys. Mordecai suggests for backup, which are Thomas, Skips and Pops.

Muscle Man is so desperate for Starla that he is tied up on the couch, and that the park members plan that they all take turns to keep watch of Muscle Man after midnight. When 15 minutes are left and Rigby is watching Muscle Man, Muscle Man asks Rigby if he can be let go to go to the bathroom, but is a trick so Muscle Man can get to Starla. The park members manage to hold Muscle Man down as soon as he gets out of the caravan and Muscle Man starts howling like a dog. At the Coffee Shop, Starla hears Muscle Man howling and runs out, but Margaret and Eileen hold Starla down, and Starla starts howling like a dog too.

At about 25 seconds left, Muscle Man and Starla turn into fireballs (which are too strong for the guys and the girls to hold down), and they both speed up to the church. Just as the clock strikes 12, the fireballs clash into each other which cause an explosion. The park members go see Starla and Muscle Man, who turn out to be all right, and Muscle Man thanks everyone and that it was worth it. In the middle of Mordecai speaking, Starla and Muscle Man disgustingly make out with each other. The episode ends with Mordecai and Margaret agreeing never to invite them to movies again.





  • Starla is friends with Margaret and Eileen.


  • When Muscle Man tries to escape out the window, he is not seen in it until after Mordecai checks his bed.
    • He may have hidden beneath the bed and snuck through to get to the window.