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The Limosaurus is a giant robotic reptilian-looking monster that is described by Roger as a "dinosaur made out of black limousines". It is used to fight the contestants during the "Limo Demolition Derby". It appeared in the episode "Limousine Lunchtime".


After Mordecai and Rigby beat the other limo drivers in the White Stallion during the "Limo Demolition Derby", the spectators begin to chant "Limosaurus" in unison. Roger calls Mordecai and Rigby, informing them that they need to destroy the Limosaurus to win the derby.

When the Limosaurus approaches the Stallion, Mordecai drives through its legs causing it to fall down. After the Limosaurus gets back up, it breathes fire on the Stallion. Mordecai and Rigby retaliate by launching a grappling hook around the Limosaurus' legs making it fall again. Rigby then proceeds to fire lasers at the Limosaurus, aggravating it. The Limosaurus gets back up and picks up the Stallion. Rigby finds a meatball sub inside the limousine and throws it at the Limosaurus' face which causes it to drop the Stallion.

Having no other choice, Rigby presses the red button in the Stallion that arms a massive missile, splitting the Stallion neatly in half in the process. The missile is launched at the Limosaurus' face, causing it to explode. What remained of the mechanical monstrosity dropped dead on the arena grounds.


The Limosaurus is a dinosaur-like robotic creature made of thirteen black limousines, making it very tall. It has long metal claws on it's hands that it uses as melee weapons. It also has glowing red eyes.


  • Limosaurus is most likely a reference to the "Truckosaurus" from The Simpsons.
  • Limosaurus is a portmanteau of the words "limousine" and "Tyrannosaurus".