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This page is the transcript for "The Ice Tape".

(Episode starts at the outside of a video store, where we see someone walking. The scene then shows three people inside the store. The person kicks the door, which appears to be Mordecai. The three video store workers gasp. Mordecai and the other park members then remove their hoodies from their face, with the exception of Pops.)

Joel: Nice! Customers.

Kai: Can I help you?

Fi: I want to help you!

Joel: Guys, guys. It's my turn. What are you looking for? Action? Comedy? Action-Comedy?

Benson: Sorry, we actually don't know what we're looking for but (grabs hologram map from his pocket) this map that someone gave us says that whatever it is, its somewhere in this store.

Joel: It's gonna be a little hard to know what kind of action-comedy to recommend if you don't know what your looking for.

(Pops takes off his hood from his head. Kai, Fi and Joel gasp)

Joel: The chosen one.

Pops: The chosen one. Where? (turns his head around to see where the chosen one is).

(We then see Kai roll up her sleeve to show her Pop's Tattoo, along with Fi, where it is placed on her bottom leg and Joel removes his hat, which also has a Pop's Tattoo).

Pops: Oh my...

Joel: We have something to show you.

(Joel opens a door whilst holding a lamp. We then see Joel remove a blanket with an image of Pops. We can see a hole and a wall sliced in half. Kai and Fi grab Pops by the arms and take him to the wall).

Benson: What are they doing?

Muscle Man: Duh. They're gonna put Pops head in that hole to open a secret door. It's pretty obvious, Benson.

(Fi and Kai put Pop's head into the wall, which then opens the door horizontally)

Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Eileen and High-Five Ghost: Woah!

Muscle Man: Told ya.

Pops: What is behind the door?

Fi: Key to your past.

(Pops opens the door and walks through it and sees an Tape that looks like Ice. Pops grabs the tape from the stand).

Pops: It's for me.

Muscle Man: It's probably a sweet Pops Origin Story.

Skips: Maybe it will tell us what we are supposed to do next.

Rigby: Plus, that tapes made out of ice. We totally gotta watch it.

Mordecai: Can we use one of your VCR's to watch it?

Kai: The tape won't work in any normal VCR.

Fi: You must take the tape to the forbidden mountain. There, the contents of the tape will be revealed.