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The Hammer is the boss of the video game Mordecai and Rigby played in "Rage Against the TV" and the main antagonist of the episode. He also appeared in Exit 9B. and Expert or Liar.


The Hammer is the final boss of a nameless video game about a Karate Duo going through levels while having to defeat enemies, such as the Triple Thugs and the Big Pink Monster, who can only be defeated by "kicking them in the junk", which means to literally kick them in the pile of garbage they're carrying. The Hammer is the final boss in the game. He is invulnerable to regular attacks and takes away a whole life with a single attack. He can only be damaged when he's hit with furniture. While starting to play the game on a mysterious foreign television, A blackout occurred, the TV, game system, controllers, and plugs came to life and formed a blue holographic body around it, creating a physical form in the real world for the Hammer, who quickly proceeded to beat up Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost. Even as far as killing Jimmy. Mordecai eventually remembered that furniture was the only way to beat him, so everyone grabbed anything they could find and started to hit the Hammer with it. Just as the Hammer was about to come down on Skips, Mordecai threw a chair to Skips, and the Hammer hit his crotch on the back of the chair. Mordecai and Rigby then killed him once and for all by pinning him down, grabbing the control pads in his hands, and defeating him in the game. And the city's power came back on.

In "Exit 9B", he is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. He is seen fighting the God of Basketball during the episode. However, he was sent back into the portal to the afterlife after Thomas signed the document that made the park a historical landmark.

In "Expert or Liar", he appears in a video game obstacle course testing Rigby's knowledge of video games. Rigby correctly answers that his weakness is furniture and moves on. 


  • He's one of the most powerful antagonists and/or characters in the series, as he is able to easily overpower all of the main characters at the same time with little effort, as well as due to his near invulnerability. Also, on Facebook, he is voted the baddest Regular Show villain of all time.
  • Goof: When Mordecai and Rigby make it to the final level, the Hammer was wearing an orange muscle shirt and green khakis, but when Hi Five Ghost looks at the game guide, he's wearing a white muscle shirt and brown jeans.
  • His only weakness is furniture (this is the only way to inflict damage upon him).
  • In the Cartoon Network game "Project Exonaut", the Mordecai and Rigby Exosuit's weapon mod is called "The Hammer," which is clearly named after the character himself.
  • The arena in which the Hammer is encountered appears to be a fighting room where the money is stashed.
  • The Hammer was probably inspired by enemies from fighting games such as Big Al from Rival Turf.
  • The game in which the Hammer appears is similar to Double Dragon.
  • The blue energy blast the Hammer fires at Jimmy might be a reference to Street Fighter, as the blast greatly resembles a Hadouken.
  • Mordecai and Rigby may be the first people to ever defeat the Hammer, as Muscle Man states "Nobody can beat The Hammer."
  • In the video game version, one of his punches take a whole life. In the real world though, he punches the main characters, and none of them die.
  • In the video game, one of the last punches he gives to Rigby's character takes a huge chunk out of his last life after they figured out his weakness is furniture. It doesn't take out a full life, however. This is either a goof or the fact that the more damage he receives, the less powerful he becomes.