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"The End of Muscle Man" is the fifth episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and fifty-eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 30, 2014.


The gang tries to help Muscle Man finish his bucket list.


As usual, Benson is handing out job assignments for the day only to be interrupted by Muscle Man. He hands Benson a list of stuff he wants to do. When questioned by Rigby, Muscle Man states that after seeing Dr. Henry, he declares "he leaves this world tonight" and that it'll happen at Wing Kingdom at 7pm, much to Fives' horror. He only says that he can't say more and leaves to get his papers in order. At first, Rigby declares it to be a prank, with Fives and Skips agreeing with him: however, everyone is shocked when Death arrives and reveals he's in on Muscle Man's plan upon mentioning to confirm, stating it's his time. Everyone soon becomes convinced that Muscle Man will die that night and decide to help him finish the bucket list.

Upon arriving at Muscle Man's trailer, the group receive a call from Dr. Henry. Fives tries to get him to tell him of Muscle Man's current standing, Dr. Henry is unable to say anything due to doctor/patient confidentials. Fives soon begins to freak out as a result, blaming himself until he is calmed down by Benson. Mordecai states that Muscle Man would probably have no regrets while Rigby states he figured he'd have 3 or 4 years left. Muscle Man then comes out of his bathroom, asking the workers if they'll help him with the list. Benson confirms it and declares whatever Muscle Man needs, it's on him.

After a montage of completing everything, everyone realizes the only thing left is the Wing Kingdom finale, to which they don white tuxedos. While eating wings, Benson makes a speech about how they'll miss Muscle Man's passion and has the others whip their jackets around as a tribute. With only 5 minutes left, Muscle Man says goodbye to everyone individually: Pops gives him a dapper compliment, Mordecai and Rigby admit their slacking off is nothing compared to him, Skips states that since Muscle Man always seems to know a guy, he's proud to have been one of those guys, Benson tells him he meant every word of his speech and he reassures Fives before going into the bathroom. Death arrives, also wearing a white tux asking where Muscle Man is, to which Skips coldly replies with Pops restraining him. Rigby soon realizes that they have no way to tell Starla of the bad news, which turns worse when she arrives with Muscle Bro. Just as they are about to tell her the truth, Death comes out of the bathroom, wheeling Muscle Man's body on a kart with an ice sculpture of him.

Starla immediately mourns the loss of her boyfriend until he stands up, rips off his clothes and starts dancing, much to everyone's shock, or in Benson's case, fury. The park workers soon realize the truth; Muscle Man isn't dying, he's just proposing to Starla and everything they did was to give up his bachelor self and become Mitch for good. Upon Mitch popping the question, Starla says no, stating that since she fell in love with Muscle Man, that's who she wants to marry. Mitch is happy he can keep being himself and be with his lady and asks again as Muscle Man, to which Starla immediately accepts.

The park workers are furious and confused with everything, which Muscle Man explains: his call with Dr. Henry was to see if he was healthy enough for Starla, getting his papers in order was folding toilet paper into triangles so his trailer would be nice for the afterparty, and Death's appointment was to deliver his aunt's wedding ring from the underworld. Mordecai calls Muscle Man out for not telling them the truth, to which he states everything he said from the beginning was from a book and all a metaphor. Benson screams that the phrase "I leave this world tonight" is anything but a metaphor, causing Muscle Man to realize what that actually means. Rigby then tells him when he does die, he's on his own and leaves with the park workers (except Fives), as well as Death and Muscle Bro, with Benson angrily stating that Muscle Man owed him $12,000 for the day's activities. Muscle Man asks Fives if he gets it, to which he declares "Best Proposal Ever!" and hi-fives his friend.


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  • Hi Five Ghost reveals that Muscle Man has high cholesterol due to eating deep fried pig butt cheeks every day.
  • Benson spent $12,000 on Muscle Man during the course of the day.
  • This episode may have taken place after the events of "The Real Thomas."
  • When everyone is leaving Wing Kingdom, Skips is shown walking instead of skipping; he may have just been too angry with Muscle Man to skip.
  • As Muscle Man prepares to say goodbye to each and everyone of the Park Crew individually (except Thomas), it shares similarities to Rachel Greene from Friends saying goodbye to her friends in the episode “The One With Rachel’s Going Away Party”.
  • Similarly, Muscle Man faking his death in contrast is just like how Ross Geller did in the episode “The One With The Memorial Service”, which angers his crush who showed up just like it angered the Park Crew (M.M did it to leave his past behind and be reborn a new man to propose and marry Starla; Ross did it to see if anyone cared after Chandler wrote and faked it since Ross posted he was gay online, and having no one react to it)

Episode Connections[]

Cultural References[]

  • When Death flips over the tape, he says "another one bites the dust," a reference to the 1980 song by Queen.


  • When Death revealed Muscle Man's tombstone, the word "Muscle" in Muscle Man is misspelled; it was instead spelled as "Mucsle." It may be possible this was intentional.

Alternate Versions[]


  • The park workers looking at each other in confusion was replaced by a shot of Muscle Man walking while saying, "Wait until they get a load of this surprise!"
  • The close-up of Muscle Man's body lying motionless on a glass sculpture was changed to him laughing quietly.